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Diane von Furstenberg turns women icons into art through partnership with artist The art collection is on display at Diane von Furstenberg's New York City store. Singer releases song about his late mother who died from cancer His mother died from leukemia in End of Sentence' filmmakers say 'stigma' around menstruation exists in U. Patricia and Rosanna Arquette on the 'angel' Luke Perry was to their family He lived with the family for awhile while filming " Whoopi Goldberg says she came 'close to leaving the Earth' after health scare "I am up and moving Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut Goldberg said.

Jonas Brothers reveal who broke up the band "When things ended, it wasn't necessarily the best," Nick Jonas said. Duchess Meghan makes advocating for women a focus of her work as a royal The Duchess of Sussex was an advocate for women long before marrying Harry. IndyCar driver who survived fiery crash hopes to walk at his wedding Doctors say they can't promise Robert Wickens if he will be able to walk again. Writers share their book picks by fellow women authors We asked female authors to share books by women that they think you'll love.

Everything to know about 'Captain Marvel': Endgame' and more Catch up on the phenomenon about to take over Single girls Oneonta globe. Take it from Sean Paul: Are performers expected to voice political views? Mandy Moore on online dating and her 'modern kind of love story' The singer met her husband through Instagram in Chance the Rapper shares story about how he met his fiancee when they were kids The rapper is getting married to his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley.

Contestants stun, inspire, bring judges to tears Check out all the great auditions! Exclusive 1st look at season 1 finale of 'Star Wars: Resistance' Things take a heavy turn for our heroes. Luke Perry's son mourns his father's loss in touching post Luke Perry died on Monday after a massive stroke. Perry, a beloved cast member of the Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut, Ricki Lake on healing, loving herself after husband's suicide 'the way he loved me' Lake's husband suffered from bipolar disorder for years.

Yesterday I went with my boyfriend for a drive to see where the body was buried, and he was shocked at just how open and public the area was, not Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut mention just how close it was to the police station it was. If the cops had literally looked out their back window, they would've easily seen Mature Lexington woman gets fucked guys digging a grave and burning a dead Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut.

Something seems amiss there Granted, the guys were probably loaded out of their minds, but there's no way that Larry lived here for as long as he Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut and didn't know where the police station was.

It seems like an unnecessary risk. Word is that the A-list are closing ranks around Jeffrey. If he is exposed for the sleaze he is, it opens the floodgates for many rich degenerates in his world to also be exposed.

Jeweler to the stars sounds like a fraud. Like guru or dermatologist to the stars sorry Dr. Actually anything with "to the stars". Did the party girls eventually show up somewhere? The first days I thought they wanted to sync their narrative and give enough time for the coke to leave their system and test negative.

But for coke or any other stim, you are in the Lady looking sex tonight VA Suffolk 23433 after the third Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut. R, in the Crime Watch Daily video, Pat Comunale talks about how police used social media to track down Joey's movements that night. Police contacted the club promoter via Gilded Lily and he was able to put them in touch with some other clubgoers.

R that explains all of his protesting. He wishes that Jeffrey Rackover "adopted" him instead. Unlike that other naughty troublemaker, he would've been a good little boy for Daddy.

Very touching--and informative--video, R According to Joey's dad, Joey and "another guy" walked the two girls Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut of the building, put them in an Uber, then both guys walked back into the building.

But in other reports, Joey reportedly returned back into the building after an hour's absence. Maybe Joey, the other mystery guy, and the two girls went to get something to eat before the girls went home. R That video is very sad. Hard to keep my jokey, ironic detachment after seeing that. These bros are going to need a lot of consolation in the weeks ahead. I'm moving to Stamford. So Rickover is still supporting this boy by paying for Milf personals in Fort oglethorpe GA high powered lawyer to defend him?

If so, that's pretty damning. How can you throw a body out a 4th floor window in daylight in midtown NYC and nobody saw or heard anything? There's a lot of comments in the papers about how so many people are expressing their grief.

I wonder whether the family knows of all the tributes on the DL. We, sir, are going to dress very respektically. As is fitting our friend Joey who was a great person. You, sir, are awfull, just thurrilly awfull. What happned to our friend and great person Joey, sir, will never be forgot and those who took his life and did other things to him will burn in hell forever for their sins. Our friends murder, sir, has gowlvin eyes us to see that justice is done for all.

Your thurilly discusting lifestyle has brought a killer to the city of New York and resulted in the horrible murder of a stand up guy like Joey. Joey was definitely my go-to drug dealer every time I came over to NYC. On time, reliable, discreet, approachable, comfortable with my sexuality. I wonder what Dan Motherfuck would think if he were here today and hadn't lost his head on that party bus I couldn't help it, I burst out laughing at the video Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut it kept cutting to Hansen dabbing his eyes.

And his affectation of woppish mannerisms and speech, "stabbed 15 times, who does that?! Wow, both victim and killer went from chubby in high school to super masc hot bros, what transformations. Jimmy and Larry are very lucky to be in protective custody! Joey's guido friends would love to get their hands on them. In the good 'ol days, there would be no long, drawn-out trial. Just a few handshakes and a quick hit. Larry and Jimmy might yet charm female and Souris date casual sex male jurors into feeling sorry for them.

According to an interview Rackover gave from prison, he claimed never to have met Joey, even though he didn't deny that Joey was in his apartment and died there. James also claimed that he and Jeffrey were watching a game on TV the night after Joey was killed. This was a fatal misstep for him because he implicated Jeffrey in the aftermath of Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut murder.

This leads me to conclude that Jeffrey must've known what was going on. He may have been the one to Meet sex buddy, Haverhill James or maybe even Larry to call the police.

Rackover, 25, the surrogate son of a prominent Manhattan jeweler, said he stayed home to watch an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout on Nov. Dilione, he said, was at a club and came by his house with a few people around 4 a.

He said he knows Dilione through an ex-girlfriend. There were no arguments that could have provoked the ghastly killing, Rackover said. He also said that after they all left, he went straight to sleep. On Tuesday, police came to his house and said he was being held on charges relating to a traffic violation, Rackover said.

I didn't watch the entire clip with Chris Hansen yet, but Joey's dad seem's hellbent on getting Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut "accurate" information about his son disseminated in the media, namely that he was "great looking" and "girls loved him.: Joey's wake looked like a GQ fashion show.

I would've been ogling through my tears of grief. I can only imagine the pain of having to bury your only son--in the prime of his life--the day before Thanksgiving.

My heart goes out to them. Just my two cents: I Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut not getting the Dilione is the personification of gayface thing. I am not questioning that he may likely BE gay; but I see him as a Connectixut good looking man period. Horny China - Hong Kong here bi curious isn't gayfaced like Lance Bass or the cutie from Mean Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut. To the fellow classmate: Was he thought of as super hot by both the girls and the boys back then?

And, am I the only one who questions why the family selected the photo they did for his obituary? He was so cute, yet in the one picture he is just barely Norwaalk. Do you think it's because he looks less gay adjacent in that photo? Maybe they felt one of his dude bro shots was a Conjecticut too too? OT but oh so important Dude is too freaky looking to represent such a common condition. And while he may have looked gay when young, it was more tonnight he straight up looked like a woman.

They do it for the publicity sweetie and on a pro bono basis the client doesn't pay. If Sercarz gets the 'killer rentboy' off on these charges, his legal fees will probably double as well as his list of clients. Exactly how Rackover, the lifelong bachelor, met young James Beaudoin remains a mystery, even to his family.

Several years ago, Rackover suddenly announced he had a long-lost son, James, who had showed up at his door claiming he was from Florida and that his mother had recently confessed that she once had a zex with Rackover.

The celebrity jeweler insisted a DNA test confirmed the relation, and he embraced James as his own, hoping that one day that his "son" would take care of him, friends say. Others say Rackover simply met James at a Upper East Side sports club, where they worked out, with James telling the jeweler that he had Womwn tough life, growing up without a father This summer, Rackover stayed in California on business and with friends. He left James Pussy in corsicana tx, mostly in the Hamptons.

They eyed a fourth-floor apartment in the Grand Sutton, but James could not lease it because a background check revealed the extent of his criminal past. It surprised Rackover, and he was forced to rent the apartment for his "son. The body was driven in Rackover's Mercedes to a wooded area, where they tried tomight burn it and bury it.

You know there's going to be great food after that funeral. I know America likes to make things overly emotional but isn't having the interviewer crying along with the interviewee a little inappropriate? And both Lincoln Iowa club xxx a beautiful face. I don't understand why some of you consider there should be some tonlght of antagonism between gay face and beautiful face.

I constantly hear women whining about why the most beautiful guys always have to be gay. I do think gay face has something to do with it. R Yes, it would be unusual for a "real" journalist Womeb cry along with the subject on a real news program. But this is Chris Hansen, a reporter who made his name entrapping white trash to have sex with minors and ruining their lives by putting it on television as entertainment.

The Connexticut is called Crime Watch Wives seeking real sex Newkirk, a syndicated program that has very little to do with real news. Womeh think the "sad panda face" is enough to Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut an appropriate level of grief and sympathy on the part of the interviewer.

R, yeah Hansen is awful. One of the worst we've got. That said, I really did feel for the dad. I grew up around those kinds of folks Tri-state area Italians and they're good people who love their family above all else. The universe is fucking COLD that something like this could happen.

R you can blame the universe for the terrible situation the family is in on this Thanksgiving And, lots of decent people can fall into a situation like that. Tonitht I lived in Greenwich for several years and was surprised tonibht the "checkerboard" demography of Fairfield County.

Until you get to Bridegport which is one of the 10 poorest cities in America. That's the case along on the Sound. Connecticuh you get north of I 95, it is just old yankee money. Those are some seriously sexy Italian men, R Made me tear up a bit thinking this poor stud Joey will be spending his Thanksgiving in a cold tomb.

R Norqalk off, cunt. They're very nice people, and some of them had a limited world view. I feel sorry for the ones that Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut, but I can still recognize them as good-hearted people. I not going to 'FF' you because no one gives Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut rat's Wmen, but I am going to nominate you for the 'white-trash Trump-voting Thanksgiving.

Joey had some serious arm muscle. I'm sure he put up a valiant fight against whoever stabbed him. R Have you never been in the presence of a sexually frustrated bottom on tina? Hercules himself could have been shred to pieces. There are so few hot tops in the world. Why didn't God take a piggy bottom when he needed another angel? It was a detail that kept being pointed out in the Karina Vetrano case, and Connectixut as well.

Typically the stabber has wounds from the knife hitting bone and shifting in the hand especially when the stabbee is putting up a fight. Even OJ injured himself while stabbing Ron and Nicole. I don't understand the bit about throwing the body out the window and nobody seeing this. It was daylight by Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut. Throw a body Norwalj a window of my building any time day or night and it would hit three queens walking their French bulldogs.

Every Italian-American family Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut somebody an uncle, a brother, a cousin who is a "little funny that way," but they love and accept him, anyway. Initially it might be more difficult to come out to an Italian American family but once Norqalk screaming and wailing subsides the love and Great Harrisburg Pennsylvania even better dick is still there.

Funny how ,Hansen interviewed so Norwal women crime victim and relatives of crime victims but never got so repeated teary eyed. The police have photographed Rackover's body Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut shows wounds consistent with an attack. R, can Womej provide a source?

Last thing I saw was that Norwakl would be photographed, but didn't know the result. I'm confused, why are you numbskulls still talking about these guys being gay without evidence when this is clearly a drug deal gone bad? R The fact that Patsy denied the sexual allegations means there is one. For that Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut, do we have any evidence that drugs were involved?

The self-haters here think drugs "clearly" Casual Hook Ups Belton Texas 76513 the entire cause even though drugs have not been mentioned by police investigators.

But if you don't think all players here are gay as well I don't even know what to tell you. A male made a sexual advance to another male it was reported as a factso there is at least one gay in this story. And drugs all around. Well we're all waiting to see the gay angle on this murder mystery.

If it's proven that nothing sexual happened between them, that's the end of this very interesting thread. R Forgive me because I've never been goos at logic. But my understanding is that you can't prove a negative. It would be possible to prove that there were sexual advances. But impossible to prove that there weren't.

Someone starting at R is Kulm ND housewives personals all over the thread to disparage the fact that Port Aransas married personals least one of the protagonists is gay.

Hm, I wonder if he could have a dog in this race. Muriel, could you please check the logs and geolocalize R IP address? The police telling the dad that his son turned down sexual advances and was killed for it makes him some kind of straight martyr. Police often float stories as fact as part of Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut investigation for strategic reasons rather than factual ones, so just because they said it doesn't make it true. I think it conveniently washes away the very awkward gay-tarnish that they knew would Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut Joey, and was doing the family a favor to give them a convenient alibi.

It is awful to think Connectixut was outed and murdered all at once, so this likely fake story of turning down Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut advances frees him from it. If this was a drug deal gone wrong, as it appears to be, then the sexual advance was not the reason at all Nogwalk what police said, proving they made it up out of thin air. Dillon is the only person who could have told them it Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut due to a sexual advance, since James claims to have no knowledge of the murder tonihgt happening.

Dillon would not implicate himself obviously, so that means it was Norwalo 'straight' James who killed Joey for not having sex with him, which would cast doubt on his 'not gay-ness'. Unless the jeweler did it!

Which is almost certainly out of the question. The only other sensible option was a drug deal, which makes the deceased look bad, even though it's more or less certain drugs were involved in their partying that night.

Biggest Breasted Women Wiesbaden Local Fuck Buddies Fries Virginia

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place, there's no way to make the deceased look totally innocent Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut this, he's either a druggie or gay or both. I don't buy the gay thing. And police are fucking lying pieces of shit, so why would I believe them?

The only other sensible option was a drug deal. Why haven't the Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut been identified? Let's add a little DL spice and say that they are drag queens. That would explain why the Communal family is hushing them up. Since awnt of their lives were ended or ruined, I hope that at least those boys had one Horny girls soda Parnamirim of great, sweaty man-sex before it all turned sour.

Has anyone wondered whether Norwa,k might have been an Amanda Knox situation? A sex game that got out of hand. Daily Mail has posted photos of today's funeral and mentions "close pal Todd Greene" in the same sentence as his Mom and Dad, wwnt if Todd Woomen a partner. There's also a photo of a sobbing Todd being propped up at the funeral.

It's been established that Adult singles dating in Westport, New York (NY). was Gay4Pay, meaning straight, why is this so fucking hard for some of you dumbasses Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut understand. Nobody asked me, so here's my gut feeling: However bring in the coke and things get way more blurry. I can't even tell you how many straight dudes I have french-kissed under the influence.

It was always good-natured, never went beyond some light fondling or groping. And the non-spoken rule was that no reference, even cryptic, would ever be made after the fact. The point is, why was one Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut close friend of Joey's mentioned in the same sentence with his parents? I wonder if he's one of the friends that left Joey behind that fateful night.

That would be some intense guilt. And I bet he's Catholic on top of that. The photo of the casket ends the cremation talk. Joey was not buried today, but entombed above ground, according to his obit. Awww, I feel bad for talking about Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut.

Obviously he didn't want the world to know he liked the peen. Damn, we need to lighten this up again, the pictures of mourners makes it way too real. No doubt Joey was gay. The "close pal" is kind of diminutive. I'm absolutely sure that Womeb were estranged lovers. They had probably had a "spat" the day before and Joey went looking for some fun in NY. Todd is obviously devastated that there final words to one another had been painful. That is real grief in those DM pictures. In the first picture, the father looks absolutely shattered.

And other pictures too. No phony acting for the photogs. That is Milf tammy Mount Holly Arkansas real deal. Just taking a shot here, but I'm getting the impression that this Joey person knew his way Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut the male undercarriage. Does any one else think he might have been g. But the murderous psychopath part "kills it" for me!

It's odd how different Joey looks from one photo to the next. In some he looks smoking hot, while in others he looks like your average nerd. If someone gets involved with selling drugs, it's not surprising or a "why, god, why?

That's the ONLY reason why this thread is popular. For most of the posters on this thread, this is all they have. All the "I Feel That You're no Jessica Want to fuck old women in Hollywood. I've been avoiding the Enquirer because of T rump but I will have to read their expose of this sex scandal! All the pictures of the guy are generally in Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut bars in his own instagram.

I know none of you deal with straight men, EVER, obviously, but the only kinds of straight men that go to gay bars are the ones that are looking for free drinks--down and out etc. I also think the story about them killing this kid because he refused a sexual advance is preposterous.

These are g4p criminals, con-men and rent boys. It seems more likely it was a financial dispute. Maybe he was a new "recruit" who wasn't giving them his cut. Maybe he was blackmailing them. Maybe it was about drugs. The picture of Todd Greene's face twisted in grief take the fun out of this, as does that Norwalj with Joey's dad. I don't get people saying Larry is attractive. James on the other hand is Cinnecticut fucking hot sociopath g4p stud.

I bet he fucked that elderly jeweler HARD. I find that Connecticht so hot, God help me. This arrogant sociopath gets everything he wants and lives in luxury all based on his looks. I would be best friends with him.

Some that can fit Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut a picture college, some that we swore to never tell a soul about. R he's Connectciut about straight shenanigans. If it were anything gay he wouldn't have mentioned it at all. R, Yes I'm female. I don't believe a straight man would stay behind with 3 guys if he thought at least 1 was Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut.

He would not have felt very comfortable with the implications of the situation once the women left. The deceased would have made an excuse and called Uber and then left with the 3 women. Or he would have come back with a lame excuse Married Bismarck women looking for sex split shortly thereafter.

Entertainment News |Latest Celebrity News, Videos & Photos - ABC News - ABC News

Otherwise the issue of where he would be crashing for the night would have come up. Also if either was actually "gay4pay" that implies a quick or one night experience under the influence. Not a long time arrangement where he obviously is no longer seeing women.

That changed when he tacitly agreed to Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut set up by a older man and wasn't papped with another woman. R Why are you commenting on a gay message board? At least identify yourself as female every time you post. Otherwise, it seems like a deception. R but put drugs in the mix.

When you're up partying, reason goes out the window. You want more coke. I posit that Joey was not gay and had no idea about Jimmy and Larry being gay. But no - all pictures of hot studs holding each other. Either Housewives want sex Arcadia Iowa, or their dogs. I said that I think that Joey was straight but he's 26, he's hot, beloved and not ONE mention of a girlfriend or an ex-gf.

It's bros all over the place. Whatever happened to investigative journalism. Instead we get a statement from a "law enforcement source" Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut it all happened because of cigarettes. Move along, nothing to see here! Ever been to the Mediterranean?

Ever been to any Italian city? All the statues of of men with dicks and balls hanging out for every one to see?

Elberfeld IN Bi Horney Housewifes

R, I've known many men in the situation several earlier posters have described and are trying to claim as straight or simply gay4pay.

The bi Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut who were more gay than straight also claimed to be totally straight to family, acquaintances and for career reasons but obviously weren't to those in the know.

Therefore I added evidence to back up Women seeking hot sex Biloxi Mississippi views of how a straight man would have acted under the situation. It's hard for me to read statements from other posters that obviously aren't true and to be silent. Is that really so wrong? I felt it appropriate to state that I was a woman as to not mislead anyone. If I'm wrong in doing so please let me know.

Since I work in an industry where almost every man is gay or at least bi I think it's very important to continue to reverse the Looking for Melbourne female some fun fearful, puritan anti-sexual worldview in which I was brought up and continue to learn more about the real world.

FYI I read and post on a Black women's site Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut the same reason. It's an easy way to stop having a limited point of view about so many things of which you have absolutely no experience or knowledge.

For example being childless how would I have known about the dangers of charter schools? Doesn't that indirectly affect me as an American? Or should I stay close minded to the world like so many others? It took DL to tell me about the horrors of Canadian Natives as well. Obviously they would have been required to stare at their muse for an incredible number of hours to duplicate their image in their creations?

R, we like having you around! And Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut on a gossip board is entitled to their own opinion. Well, I for one welcome you, r It's no nice to hear of others who like to expand thier minds.

Are you really that stupid? There are even nude men on Italy's coins. R, Actually I just admitted I was raised to be extremely, unbelievably naive see the murdered pastor's wife for a fair comparison.

Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut

So please educate me. Perhaps Italians are more open about nudity in general and gorgeous male bodies in particular? Don't know if this link was posted earlier. It was reported by the doorman that the party host asked how long he kept video surveillance footage. Perhaps Connectickt why a confession was made by the smarter of the two suspects. Well not sure how this thread wandered into the Met, Girl in Ponderay Idaho that suck cock anyway Daily Mail having a sensational Norawlk as usual.

He wasn't killed over a pack of cigarettes, he was killed for wanting to go get some. Which of course makes no sense without the obviously missing context. If this story is true, an unpaid debt makes a Cobnecticut more sense, tomight an innocent Need to explore your sub desires to leave a Hotel California party. How do we know it wasn't suicide?

Wmen rackover and Dilione Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut because they thought they'd be accused. Dilione has Mean Queen Face.

Bring me back a Snickers bar? There are plenty of dumb reasons people kill, but Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut is getting close to the top of the list. Not Adelaide women that need sex this was actually what happened, of course. Replace 'cigarettes' with 'condoms' and you'll have a closer approximation of the truth.

As a regular viewer of "Law and Order: SVU" I can assure you Joey's murder had nothing to do with sex. There is likely an active investigation into larger criminal activity and the suspects are on the periphery of the real target.

The sordid g4p sex stuff is just so the real targets do not suspect the cops are onto them, start covering their tracks or kill undercover agents and informants.

This is some kind of cover up. Initially the cops said this case is about gay sex Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut even Joey's father nodded in agreement.

So nice try Daily Fail. I Norwalo, find it hard to buy that it was all over gay sex. Vast majority of homicides are over money tonjght drugs. Sounds like Free casual sex Virginia Beach Aberdeen Kentucky local pussy wants to pin it on Rackover. I think they're both involved Connexticut his murder and disposal. There was a time when this thread was the hottest ticket on the DL.

I guess everyone has moved on and forgotten justiceforjoey. In addition, police want to speak with Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut potential witness, Max Gemma, a law enforcement source said. That's just wishful thinking because The principals involved are cute buff white guys. R the gay sex angle was pure speculation. Larry is straight and James is only g4p. There's no way this was over sex. R then why are 3 hawt guys all Girls who just want to fuck up together in tonignt wee hrs Connectciut the morning?

I've been in that situation and believe me everyone was naked. R, Bloody pants and sheets were found in a trash bag next to the dumpster of the complex where they lived. Couldn't they have dumped it elsewhere? Don't believe "father" wouldn't have seen the after effects of the party the next Womenn which would have implicated him after the fact. Neighbors would have let him know something was up. No wonder the "jeweler to the stars" hightailed it out of there.

So is "son" supplying coke to the stars at their parties as well? Did Joey want a cut in the deal or was there a conflict between who supplied the clubs? That certainly doesn't mean they were all straight. R, If Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut lived in that building I would be more than a little upset about someone bringing a killer, wild partiers, cops investigating and asking questions, et al into my pricey building.

Flowers to every neighbor would tonigght an attempt at an apology. I know everyone is entitled to their Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut, but please stop with the definitive "they weren't gay" stuff. As WWomen stands, there is a decent amount of circumstantial evidence they weren't straight, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that they were straight beyond heteronormative assumptions based on the fact they are tough guys. To the people who assume datalounge is just wishful thinking, I ask you to consider that just like Hollywood rumors about who is gay, DL doesn't assume every suspect that's hot is gay.

There was no reason to think that the lawyer Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut the sous chef case was secretly gay, but DL was able to recognize the signed and sure enough the case Women to fuck in Huelva solved showing that indeed was the case.

Once again, looking on this case with the same eye, DL recognized clear gay hallmarks Conhecticut nothing has Noraalk yet to indicate anyone involved in it is totally straight. They might have been, but there is nothing out there to cause you to speak so confidently that is the case. I mean even the cops floated a wamt that gay sexual desire was involved, but yeah they are all straight ok A gay hookup gone bad probably because of a drug angle.

Connecricut still believe that they killed him because he had drugs on him but wouldn't let the other guys have them without paying for them. When you're coming Swinger clubs in 21162 from crack or meth, there is nothing you won't do to keep the party going. Rick Day shared one of the shots on his Instagram with the following caption: James has an arrest for a suspended license.

That means he wasn't able to get a Drivers' License under his "adopted" name. I will assume he didn't go through the legal procedures to become tied to the jeweler. However he wouldn't have been able to get a legit job under his Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut name as anyone would have been able to find his rap sheet.

So did he use a phony ID for employment? There are only three people--at this point--that really knows what Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut in that apartment that night Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut one Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut dead. All the speculation in the world Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut baseless. When the prosecutors start to put pressure on Larry a reduced sentence versus decades in jail the truth might Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut reveal itself.

I say they'll favor Larry, because I think James did the stabbing. Several years Norwalkk, I met this black hustler in an adult video store in Discrete encounter for petite blond wanted. He told me that he bounced in and out of jail for minor things.

He was homeless and was living part time with some chick he was screwing, but he confessed that he was confused about his sexuality. We met up often and we did a lot of safe stuff. He definitely dickmatized me and I really felt myself falling for him body and soul. I was so tempted at the time to get him tested for every STD in the book Connectiicut, if necessary, get him Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut, clean him up and get him a little apartment of his own, give him an allowance, and just be his sugar daddy.

I never went through with it, but I was definitely tempted at the time. Clearly there was some sort of sexual thing between the two Rackovers. Whether Fun females that r real was that the younger guy teased the older, occasionally letting him blow him, or if they had full on boyfriend sex or anywhere in between will be interesting to find out.

Sounds like drugs were involved. Gilded Lily, the club where they met, is supposed to be a very bridge-and-tunnel hetero place so says Yelp. Why would they kill him for turning down their advances? It wasn't like he could blackmail either of them. That's all they are saying now about what the episode will be about but come on Speaking of the "3 Party Girls" they Nkrwalk have some insight as to Cnonecticut shenanigans that went on that ttonight.

A few have said they wouldn't have killed him just for saying no to sex. How about if they raped him or tried to and he threatened calling the cops? Didn't he has his pants off?

I just want to point out that Clnnecticut sex almost never ends in a violent murder. That the Wanf and others can suggest tonght this whole incident is about a rejected sexual advance from a 'gay' suspect is based upon a negative, predatory, dangerous impression of homosexuality fostered by certain of the hetero majority culture. In Trumpland gays will Comnecticut subject to a type of retrograde scorn and suspicion most of you tinight never encountered.

Who'd like to console Todd? Joey would like for a sweet someone to take care of his beloved Todd for him. Please don't let him down.

A bond that will never be broken The photos of Todd break my heart. The other guys look stoic, but Connectictu is really touching how he Cohnecticut his heart on his sleeve. He's adorable, and his love for his friends is obvious.

This will haunt him for a long time, and i wish him peace. I just can't bring myself to be snarky or make any jokes about him. He's hurting, and I hope he won't always be.

Todd truly and honestly loved Joey very deeply. He will feel Married housewives seeking sex Seaside Heights pain and despairing emptiness of Joey's absence for a long, long time. I wish him the strength to endure. R, Thanks College student lookn 4 da 1 your assistance in posting that Instagram picture as I'm admittedly still technically sant and can't post any photos.

I was hoping someone would take my hint and come through. For those sexx you esx believe the defense of a macho refusal of sex caused the victim's death, wouldn't the other alternatives make all Norealk of them appear far, far worse?

That is a dispute over payment of drugs, quality and quantity of product, territory of whom would be supplied, etc. Also perhaps even IF Joey did not personally know these 2 they could have overlapping circles of friends or connections Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut whatever. There had to be another reason why Joey was willing to go to their place for the after party with the 3 girls and then to stay afterwards. Yeah I can't joke about Todd.

It's clear that Joey was his brother, and even eex than a brother. I don't tonitht there was anything sexual but he clearly loved him. I feel sorry for all of the older gay men that fall for idiot jailbait like these losers including the dead one.

At the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Boyd said her nephew left Florida about five years ago, and they had spoken frequently until about a month ago. The former detective and friend of Fucking Schmallenberg girl jeweler admitted he legally adopted his son. He also said the younger man is bisexual and violent.

Wanh Diehl the PI who's known the jeweler for 30 years made the above statement. Clearly "the son" had other sugar daddies especially when "the father" was away to CA on business during the previous summer and James was Womenn in the Hamptons. Obviously a break up was on the horizon so another might be paying for Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut high priced attorney. Speculation that since Joey worked for his father who owned a security company that he could have been out to the same complex in which he was killed a time or two beforehand.

Perhaps his father owned the same security system and Joey knew the exact details of how it worked. Would James have wanted Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut on how to dismantle it for nefarious purposes and Joey have refused to go along with the plan?

Or was James jealous of Joey's more successful and definitely more together lifestyle with a solid family backing, lots of friends on his FB, college athlete, and growing career?

Was it a over-the-top murder due to jealousy? Joey did not know the 3 girls who went to the after party with the 3 men. Still he and another man left for an hour when the women went home as they were picked up by Uber.

They have been identified and individually interviewed by police almost immediately after Joey was reported missing. Police are reportedly looking for an MG who is the roommate of the same suspect who led police to Joey's shallow grave.

It's believed MG had some connection to the florist. MG is not yet considered a suspect like the other man whose wealthy family lives in FL and owns a racehorse. When he was in jail as a teenager the only one who was allowed to visit James was his aunt, uncle and a lay preacher. A reporter who contacted his sister Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut she slammed down the phone on him.

So perhaps James was living with his aunt. She is the only one pictured in his high school graduation photo. Still that doesn't mean he never had parents. Then again, that dingbat claims he never graduated from high school and that he is definitely not gay. Didn't James's GF say that him turning tricks for older guys was something she could see him doing? What's this about the "other man" whose family owns a racehorse?

Is this still another character in this drama? Or someone we already know about? Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Essex Larry has been credited as being a "roofer" because he works for his dad's construction company.

He's busy at the moment. R, Every time I try to condense my posts I end up being unclear. Larry was the Ladies do you need xtra cash for wanna fuck person seen on the security camera with Joey when he was still alive.

Both Larry and James were seen by the buildings' security personnel trying to adjust the camera equipment. They also asked how long the footage was kept Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut being erased. Apparently it was the buildings' porter who then called NYPD after seeing garbage bags of bloody pants and sheets.

There was a question of how Larry could afford bail. Larry's family is very wealthy and lives in Women seeking couples Toluca mi. They own a racehorse. There is a 3rd possible suspect who is believed to be Larry's roommate who has been identified by some reporters as MG. Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut is believed to work in the florist Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut behind where Joey's body was found in a shallow grave.

We don't know if he was present at the party or if he was involved.

I Seeking Teen Fuck Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut

Police just want to Norwaok him. Some of the info from various news sources is very contradictory. Jeffrey is a very powerful figure in NY circles and so the NY media is reluctant to reveal many facts that might embarrass him. Obviously he was on Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut board of the building so got his "son" approved even though he had a serious criminal record. He also got him a job wabt an established firm bypassing the standard background check and requirement for a college degree.

R Christmas tree decorator? Isn't that half a step up from Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut or interior decorator?

Not Notwalk as butch as a roofer. MG stands for Max Gemma who is a potential witness but not a suspect. One source ties him into the florist. Another to a friend of Larry. He may be neither.

Sex dating and casual Girls from Norwalk Connecticut

I'm not sure why but I'm already over this case. It was all so deliciously lurid and sensational a few days ago, tonnight I'm bored with the players and whatever the hell the motive turns out to be.

This crime just doesn't have the legs I was hoping it would Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut. R, blame your indifference and ease of distraction on your erectile dysfunction and dementia, gramps, not on the case.

MG's history of known residences includes the following cities: MG graduated college in He is circa Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut years old as is Larry Dillone. They both attended Shore Regional High School together and graduated in Wasn't there a poster on this thread who also went to HS with Larry?

If you are still posting - Any info on Max? Seeing that pic of the swarthy and gorgeous Nlrwalk has renewed my interest in the case. Does this mean that the delectable Joey had a foursome?? R, It isn't clear if Max was present or not at the party. What's clear is that Larry and someone else but not James I think buried the victim. Again at this point Max is not a suspect. Police do want to talk Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut him however.

Perhaps he knows info about the relationships of the men and possible drug use or drug dealing activities. If Larry decided to have his friend Max help him dispose of the body, you'd think they'd have a very close relationship, with both having dirt on each other. Perhaps Max is some kind of dealer, or good fella, otherwise Stovall NC sexy women anyone involve another party, who might tonibht

I can't believe that the jeweler actually had the balls to tell his Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut that James had shown up at his door claiming that he was his son, fruit of a fling jeweler had with some woman years ago in Miami.

Many years ago when I was a noob, I would frequently begin my posts with, "as a female," and I Horny ladies in West yorkshire that need fucking get attacked approximately one third of the time with, "what are YOU doing here?

I pride myself just a li'l bit that for years now I have only been taken for a woman 2 or 3 times. I like to keep my thoughts in my most objective voice and leave the female perspective out of the picture. It has worked well, and I would advise R to not follow the admonishment to ID herself as a woman. They somehow blame women for them being single you, their moms, etc. I still don't believe that Cumunale was murdered because he refused their sexual advances.

This Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut to me like retribution but beyond rejection. Maybe those three ladies were prostitutes? ZERO to do with sexual advances. Very very obvious to anyone with half a brain. I doubt Larry is a "decorator. As a roofer, Larry had one.

The victim turning down sex and a possible argument over cigarettes are both a red herring for the real motive.

Wanting Nsa Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut

Otherwise Larry would have had Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut admit to other criminal activity including buying and selling CConnecticut and supplying them for parties with various elite friends. R Nobody here is jealous of you. You are a fag hag. The only reason a woman becomes a fag hag is to get SOME male company, even if the males ridicule her. You are getting way less dick than the ugliest guy here.

New Orleans Louisiana Sucking Big Dick

Otherwise, Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut be doing something else. I go to male strip venues from time to time, and I've met a number of these guido types-- impossibly good looking Italian men in their 20s with amazing bodies, but with sketchy jobs. Of course their families know nothing about their moonlighting. Many times they have no previous experience with any m2m activity and are approached at the gym by the guys who run these Real women flirt Mexico shows.

They Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut easy money and they go for it. There's some discomfort with the m2m interaction at first, but they soon ease into it and many of them progress from dancer to escort. Like I said it's the lure of easy money, and thus the expensive cars and townhouses.

Joey's father says in the video that he bought the townhouse Swingers Personals in Sloan Joey because he was tired of his wife waiting up for Joey to come home late at night.

I imagine that he also bought Joey the car. Hofstra is a crappy school but it is expensive. I'm guessing Mr Pat Comunale is affluent and generous. Also a lot of these Italian guys live at home with mommy until they get married.

I live and work out Women want sex tonight Norwalk Connecticut NJ and believe me, I know a number of guys like this. Besides those three at the last party there are at least 2 people who know for sure if Joey was taking Ladies want nsa PA Edinburg 16116 up the hoo-ha. A medical examiner would have reported any trauma, scarring or useage of sweet Joey's hole in the autopsy report.

There a tech somewhere who has the deets. Things will be leaked eventually as things do when things are as salacious as this.

Tomorrow morning will be the second-week anniversary of Joey's death. So far, only James has been indicted to be arraigned next month. Larry is out on bail and is due back in court next week. The "son" of a jeweler to the stars was indicted in connection to the murder of a Hofstra graduate in a Sutton Place apartment, according to a spokesman for the Manhattan District Attorney's office. Comunale was found three days later in a shallow grave on the Jersey Shore.

The DA charged Rackover and his suspected accomplice, Lawrence Dilione, with evidence tampering, hindering prosecution and concealing a body during an arraignment in criminal court last week.

Neither man was initially charged with the murder.