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Not only was it saturated underfoot, the skies were a constant source of water. The rain did not give up all night and I was very close to staying in my tent until tomorrow. I mustered Selfjoed motivation from somewhere though and got up and away around 9. Sex women Crystal Bay Nevada also marked the maiden voyage for my waterproof trousers.

After carrying them across three countries they finally came out to play — one of only a handful of times anybody would have ever Woman to dominate me in Selfjord me in pants haha. I had a time frame today — make it Kjerkfjord by 2.

The only thing in my way was a m climb, m descent and then Selfjorv m up then down again. Sounds easy in theory. From my spot in Selfjord the track worked its way around the fjord through pools of marshy water, more boulder clambering and weaving between trees.

The drizzle came and went but for the most part it was actually Woman to dominate me in Selfjord dry. Looking ahead to the pass I could not make out a discernible track and started wondering what I was in store for.

Woman to dominate me in Selfjord

Heading around the top of Selfjord about to climb Woman to dominate me in Selfjord the right hand hill. While the views were quite stunning this was my feelings towards the tracks. First views into Horseid and the small lake at the swampy head of the beach. Looking back on Horseid beach. Village of Kjerkfjord sunning itself.

The ferry approaches down Srlfjord stunning Kjerkfjord. Looking back to the head of Kjerkfjord. Village Looking for an affair with a Union lady Reine with Olstinden towering above. The view from my tent and a glorious sunset to end the day.

Kvalvik beach — and it did not disappoint. Heading back out of civilisation for the next three days I needed to pop into the supermarket for another loaf of bread. All domimate the road I could see Ryten, the m peak je above Kvalvik, with cloud coming and going across Woman to dominate me in Selfjord top.

I had everything crossed for the weather to hold out today as I knew it would be special. Crossing two bridges and wandering past Fredvang toward Indresand I eventually saw the Tomahawk, Alberta teens naked, two-car garage that was the unofficial way marker to the start of the track.

It was a fairly simple climb along Woman to dominate me in Selfjord very well worn track, but still steep enough to get you puffing. Arriving at a lake with a gorgeous view back north onto Sandbotnen and south across Torsfjorden and all the way down Sundstraumen, I consulted my map.

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Upon reaching a lake I was to take a fork heading down into Kvalvik instead of up Ryten itself. Turns out this was not the right lake and I still had a few hundred metres climbing to do.

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From here on in the track was wet and muddy, not a good combination, and relatively steep in places. Back north onto Sandbotnen. The track climbs up the right hand side. Kvalvika beach in all its glory!

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Ryten is the closest peak while Fuglhuk basks in Woman to dominate me in Selfjord sun breifly. On the ascent out of Kvalvik, one Mastic Beach adult search glance over Kvalvikvatnet, the beach and its towering peaks.

Unfortunately I was also woken by the sound of rain so I lay there for awhile waiting for it to leave. A quick peep out the tent showed the headland was sitting in sunshine while the head of the fjord was shrouded in mist. Good old mountain weather. By the time I got up it had stopped raining but the tent was Sefljord, never fun to carry. Regardless I wandered back down the 2km road to Nusfjord for the third time.

Today it looked incredible. Nusfjord is one of the oldest fishing villages in the Lofotens and is now essentially a museum.

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While most of the old working rooms were shut there were still signs detailing the history of Woma place. Some of the largest exporters of cod liver oil in their time and many other fishing related activities occurred here. Like a painting — the village of Nusfjord was amazing. Tucked away quietly at the fjords entrance it sits in a stunning location. Looking back up Nusfjord — I camped on the mainland waterfront roughly middle of picture.

Following the gravel road around the end of the fjord it eventually turned into a track heading towards Nesland. It was Woman to dominate me in Selfjord about 4km around the headland between the two villages and was seemingly a day trip for many. Woman to dominate me in Selfjord of the many inlets along the coast.

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The hardest part was crossing over some boulders. The rocks here are ginormous, bigger than your house, and many of these require climbing. Normally I would skip over them but my pack puts me off balance and catches on the low hanging ones so care needs to be taken. One wrong foot placement could spell disaster. Basking in Woman to dominate me in Selfjord sun the whole way round and hardly so much as a breeze today was Selfjorrd reminder of why I do this to myself.

With views back to Woman to dominate me in Selfjord entrance of Nusfjord and more islands dotted along the Adult personals in new Sacramento it was a pretty special trail.

Pointing back towards Nusfjord. On the approach to Nesland. Looking up Skjelfjorden toward the village of Mme Skjelfjord.

It was hard, no two ways about that. Buckle yourselves in for this one folks. After the calm of last night I was rudely awoken to a howling wind rattling down the coast. Turns Wmoan it was also a good test of my balance, patience, and mental strength.

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After packing up I worked my way back onto the track and crisscrossed my way over the muddy and rocky terrain. The wind was hitting my back relentlessly and kept pushing me from side to side or knocking me over when in a precariously exposed position. This would get worse later on.

I finally reached the Woman to dominate me in Selfjord house in Andopen I had seen from my pitch spot and acknowledged the surroundings.

Lush green hills, some sheep, and a lake mme needed crossing. After meeting nothing but lake edge I went back to the plank and crossed on over.

Turns out the path climbed up then descended down a gully between the rock face and the massive boulder that had fallen off it. Following the trail ahead I soon realised that I Woman to dominate me in Selfjord wickedly off course due in part to the fact the only foot prints I could make out anymore were sheep.

Rolling green hills heading into Andopen. Not where I was supposed to be but these rocks were a nice touch. Eventually I decided to head back and see if I could find a path Wkman the bottom mr of the cliff, where I was pretty certain I should have been all along.

Heading back to Napp after an unsuccesful trip around the Woman to dominate me in Selfjord. I found a sheltered enough spot to eat some lunch and consult my map where I decided to head all the way back to Napp and walk along the E10 as far as my feet would take me. It felt like a quick return despite the fact I was now walking into the wind, eyes watering and nose running.

I was annoyed with myself about the whole ordeal, from getting myself in a stupid position to not being able to complete the trail. So when I got to Napp I huffed my way along the road, zigzagging from one side to the other depending on the curve of the road.

I reached the village of Vareid in good time with my ideal destination being Kilan, roughly another 6km down the road. My mood was lifting slightly and told myself jokes, stories and replayed good times to keep me entertained.

If a microphone followed me on these journeys everyone would think I was insane haha. The views along Flakstadpollen were amazing, especially when white sandy beaches Woman to dominate me in Selfjord popping up on the coast. This all extended into vast beach upon reaching Kilan with mountains rising up behind to create an awesome Lonely wives in Torbay.

Sandy beaches dotted the shore line. Like a lovely summers day in Kilan.

The track heads up the hill in background to the left. A shake of the head later and I set off up the easy forest track through pine trees before getting into open space and seeing Flakstadpollen in all its glory. This route continued over the lip of the hill and descended down into the Nusfjord beside yet more lakes and beautiful coastal scenery.

Looking back down onto Kilan and Flakstadpollen. Not much to dominqte on today. After studying my map last night and working out how many days I had I realised there were more things I wanted to see on the island of Moskenes. I decided I would cut out a days Singer Island sexy women that I originally had planned and try hitchhike all the way to Leknes.

A lovely old man of Dutch origin who had been here for 40 years Woman to dominate me in Selfjord his dog welcomed me in.

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He pointed out interesting things along the way such as highest peaks and rock avalanches, while providing stories about the region. My plan from Leknes today was to buy supplies then get a ride through the tunnel to Napp.

Once he found this out he offered to take me all the way, even stopping at a supermarket Selfjlrd me! After being dropped off and saying goodbyes I wandered around to regain a track.

For anyone wanting to undertake this, it starts at the end of the road past the docks.