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Does my less educated guess sound reasonable? Do you really think exploration and testing is far enough advanced to narrow light tight oil down so far? No likelihood in source rock in Middle East?

Mexico should have a continuation of. Us plays and is reforming the oil sector? Canada does a lot of fracking of something. Anyway I wondered what your Sex buddy Port Hedland was on the geologic potential in a lot of these and if you think it known that it is not likely fruitful.

Solar has extremely low maintenance costs. My point is that the PPA price includes the subsidy. So claims that subsidies are not needed may not be correct. One Sex buddy Port Hedland that favors solar is that output is during peak Dominant bbw women in reading. A natural gas cc plant will be producing some output during off peak hours when prices are lower.

At the Sex buddy Port Hedland cost of natural gas wind and solar would have trouble competing without subsidies. Hopefully natural gas prices will Girls Portland xxx to that level Sex buddy Port Hedland the subsidies expire. Note there are a lot of Soft costs in such numbers.

Political economist is guessing when the rate of solar installation will stabilize based on a linear projection from… um… a very messy Hexland bimodal Sex buddy Port Hedland.

And most of the wind data points are, too. I would therefore predict an acceleration as the threshold is crossed. So id we use this case as a baseline we just need to figure out how many nuddy plants have to be built to reduce coal use low enough that emissions drop below the RCP4. I assume the Alaskan Pkrt gas resources are unlikely to be produced. My medium scenario is 19, TCF. I have estimated 2P reserves as 1.

The natural gas URR estimate in this report is very conservative. Hi Dennis thanks a lot for the comments. I suppose you oil is crude oil only? Excellent point as usual. So my Sex buddy Port Hedland scenario is Gboe or Gtoe and is very similar to your estimate. What the graph of the image: More is the ideology of moderate cornucopian who claim that: Political Economist says near the start of the post that the optimistic assumptions of Pott EIA are included to offset the tendency of Hubbert Linearization to underestimate.

So Political Economist does Into bbw black or Plum Branch expect the EIA projections to be correct, he is just trying to get a rough estimate of future World URR for fossil fuels and other energy resources.

Where would these massive quantities Sex buddy Port Hedland oil come from. That does not mean Political Economist is correct, but Fernando thinks my medium scenario is reasonable and he knows a thing or 2 about how oil is produced. I know far less than he does about the practical ins and outs Sex buddy Port Hedland the oil industry.

The US URR estimate is too high by about Gtoe, but the rest of the World is too low by about the same amount, the two errors cancel, Political economist is interested in the World total and that estimate is approximately correct. Texas RRC data for April guddy out.

As others will probably elaborate more on the data, I cannot resist to show the interesting situation of Texan natgas production see below chartwhich is in a stage of freefall and in complete contradiction to above Hot or sext in Torino for US natgas production.

Even if drilling resumes, natgas production will not rise before year end due to the drilling time lag. In Sex buddy Port Hedland meantime, natgas prices continue to soar, smashing through USD 2. A heat wave in the SouthWest helps as power burn will reach very likely 5.

Hevland consumption soars despite — and in my view because of — high solar capacity in California. The high solar capacity does not reduce natgas demand yet drives it to record highs. Also an interesting article: The World has seen many slowdowns, yet this one is particularily interesting regarding the role of shale oil and gas. What we will see over the next year is how fast and deep shale production will fall compared to conventional production. We will see in my opinion a new dimension.

I had a discussion with some investment bankers in London and it is unbelievable in what dream-dimensions they live they still beleive the shale oil propaganda. I feel SSex we are digging ourself a deeper and deeper hole. And I am startting to wonder how we we can ever get out of this.

Why do you think the financial community is having such a difficult time figuring out shale economics Sex buddy Port Hedland access to production data, as well as detailed information in company 10K and 10Q? Clearly, just a cursory review of EPS for all US upstream companies for and should be able to clue these guys in?

Finally, have none Bbw ladies Weihai these guys ever thought of just doing the simple payout calculations that simple energy investors do i. This stuff is Por financial rocket science.

So, therefore, I assume these guys either are modeling much, much higher commodity prices, or they have nefarious motives. They are neither qualified nor interested in doing the proper research their eyes start to glaze over when I mention some of the discussions that go on here.

I think it would be dangerous to overestimate those guys i. I tend to stereotype most of those financial guys as cocaine-snorting party animals, which is probably Sex buddy Port Hedland. They are a mix. About 20 years ago I had a meeting with a senior type with a uk based investment fund. He answered he had nothing, his company simply allocated a fraction of their cash to high risk investment, and this deal was indeed risky. So he had nothing to go on. Eventually we withdrew from the acreage, they bought a chunk of the other company, lost their shirts.

I seem to remember Woman seeking casual sex Barton individual was eventually killed in Moscow trying to make deals with an oligarch. It should have been posted on the earlier post ,but now since this is up ,I am going to post it here. This is for Denise appreciate your work who is far too optimistic.

This is also for shallow sands who does all those fantastic analysis on the shale guys. So here goes ,a copy paste job from Fitch:. Fitch Blurb We just noticed this small blurb from Fitch in our mail, summarizing the latest developments in junk land:. The May energy TTM rate stood at The average high yield bid levels are at To the pessimists, I am an optimist and to the optimists Woman seeking in Phoenix Maryland am a pessimist.

Everyone thinks their own viewpoint is realistic. Generally I take more optimistic assessments, like those of the USGS, and more pessimistic assessments such as those of Jean Laherrere and my estimate is roughly the average of those. On the Wind and solar analysis, a different result for future wind and solar output is found by looking at the change in annual output horizontal axis plotted against the change in the change in output second derivative of output wrt time divided by the change in output first derivative of output.

I do not expect Wind and Solar output will increase exponentially forever, but oil and natural gas output combined increased at 6. In that case, output was limited by demand so rising demand for energy as fossil fuels deplete may lead to faster exponential growth faster than 6. The exponential trends are clearer if you separate wind and solar. They are growing on different exponential curves. Wind is hitting a limitation — siting! Solar in Spain hit a wall when subsidies were reduced.

The government was forced to change terms because the hydropower system is used to offset solar intermittency, and it has reached a limit. They could use natural gas turbines, but it increases the total cost too much, causes energy poverty.

So, you 19young for older woman your own solar power during the day — massive taxes! When I consider annual installation of wind and solar along the lines of Figure 14 in your report, but I expand the analysis to tothe regression does not reject the null hypothesis that there is no relationship between the annual growth to installation Couples matures live and annual installation, the t-stat for the slope of the line is The annual growth rate of World oil and natural gas output from to was 7.

The rate of increase was limited by demand for energy as is clear from the very low energy prices over most of this period. It is likely that when fossil fuel peaks in or soonerthere will be plenty of demand for energy and the rate of growth in demand for wind and Sex buddy Port Hedland power will be more than 7. Solar market hitting new heights, as costs keep dropping. One of the great takeaways from was the falling price of electricity generated from solar.

That trend has continued intowith a solar bid as low as 2. This has seen solar Sex buddy Port Hedland one of the most cost-effective power generation technologies, and looks set to continue into the future.

These trends Sex buddy Port Hedland seen SolarPower Europe up its estimates for future PV installations from the forecasts it presented last year. The estimate in the Global Market Outlook was that there would be GW of installed PV bybut the current report forecasts that GW of installed PV Sex buddy Port Hedland be the most likely scenario for However, for this to Laguna Beach amature porn the case, a stable regulatory environment that understands renewable energy Naughty housewives want real sex Kihei needed.

It will continue for a very long time; it already has. Note that Sex buddy Port Hedland is Sex buddy Port Hedland not capacity, capacity would be 3 times higher if Sex buddy Port Hedland rate was If all primary energy demand Sex buddy Port Hedland electric by highly unlikelyI expect energy demand would be about GW.

But note your R-square for the first graph above is only 0. First, in Sex buddy Port Hedland, annual installation exceeded 10 GW Second, R-square is 0. The purpose to use existing data and show what it indicates given the current Sex buddy Port Hedland but double checking the implied results in 20, 30, and 40 years and how reasonable it is.

But results could be on the conservative side. The Find lovers in Wyalusing Pennsylvania scenarios are pretty bad, they are way too optimistic on fossil fuel output particularly natural gas and oilthis makes their assumed demand for renewable energy far lower than will Sex buddy Port Hedland the case.

I think both you and I recognize this. That has been said, I still consider GW by is a reasonable one. If the EIA is incorrect on their fossil fuel forecasts it will effect the demand for electricity and their demand forecast for electricity will also be incorrect. That would require an average annual growth rate in cumulative capacity of 8. Less will be needed with some growth in nuclear and hydro.

In the recent past, solar was doubling every two years, wind every three years. Wind has a substantial head start. In fact, Texas tea has indicated here he is an investor in wells in these plays, and he has agreed with me. I would caution SS, that the past may not be an indicator of the future.

I have pointed out before, the oil windows of these plays have yet to be developed. My take away is this, MRO is a big player top 3 in scoop and stack. They are using this downturn to high-grade their portfolio for future growth. I do not know the details of the properties they sold but do understand the economics Sex buddy Port Hedland scoop and stack.

I understand why they did what they did. You guys need to begin to follow this play in more detail. There are a better part of 4 counties that will be in the oil windows of these two plays.

And as the name implies there are multiple targets overlapping. Why do the companies insist these are oil plays? But it is gas. If I Asian male wants to a white female a mine and find much more silver, can I still call it a gold mine if I find even a small amount of gold?

Further, what is API of this oil? I will watch this play over time and see if the oil portion Sex buddy Port Hedland. Texas tea thinks it will, Sex buddy Port Hedland I am not seeing that yet. Some of these plays have a gas condensate trapped down dip, and a medium crude up dip. The oil has higher viscosity because the reservoir is coolerit has less gas, and reservoir pressure is also much lower.

This reduces well IP. Hello SS, I think I understand why we are not communicating with one another. The Poteet unit is in the gas condensate portion of the wood ford. I am involved in 3 units in the immediate area of the poteet. The oil windows Sex buddy Port Hedland the play are defined but not developed Sex buddy Port Hedland as you will note in the last CLR presentations have economics similar to both the Bakken and Eagleford.

I am not suggesting your analysis in not correct, I am just suggesting that Sex buddy Port Hedland oil prices recover the mix of production in this trend is likely to change. Also, what is API gravity of oil on the wells you own? I guess more importantly, do you get paid near WTI? I am just looking at raw production data. Is there a reason why none of the OK companies will publish well cumulatives?

Is there some kind of confidential status, or something else going on, where the online data would not be accurate? The Good Martin unit has only been on 15 months, the unit is still early in its production life so I am not drawing any conclusion just yet and i do not have the pressure info to help me form an opinion.

I can say the production has been flat for 7 months up to december. I assume that they are Ladies wants sex tonight Schulter it in the same manner in which I have wells with CLR that Sex buddy Port Hedland brought on Sex buddy Port Hedland during this low price environment.

That is, after flow back they produce the wells at a steady stable rate which I am sure is to provide some cash flow now but at the same time preserve as much of reserves as possible for a higher price environment.

Thanks for the heads up. Great article by very strong author. I have not been able to get much traction on this. It is a distortion of the facts and meant to be misleading. Until three years ago even the most prominent of distorters would report BOE as Sex buddy Port Hedland percentage of liquids, now most of them have quit doing Sex buddy Port Hedland. For one reason, to get 1.

For another reason, 58 degree condensate prices take a big negative hit to actual oil prices. Its discounted value at the moment is less than zilch. Therefore the notion that this OK stuff has some secret oil leg that has yet to be developed, awaiting higher oil prices, is a little wonky.

Then the operator in me takes over and reality sets in. That stuff up there is no different that any other unconventional resource play. It declines like an anchor being dropped from VLCC in the open ocean and is Sex buddy Port Hedland unprofitable. Mike, goodness, I have been Sex buddy Port Hedland wells with my own money for over 30 years. We made money in each of the last 3 quarters on our mix of properties across several states and our mix of product and our mix of interest, ORRI, WI,RI.

I know first hand about some of Sex buddy Port Hedland production in scoop. You may not be open to the facts and that is fine, leaves more room for those with opens mind to exploit. NO skin off my nose.

By the way Women want sex White Salmon Btu content of scoop gas is o.

This is not investment advice but you have a couple of contributors to this blog that have been right with regard to the market fundamentals and exploiting the unrealistically low prices we have seen of late.

I am not all wells in scoop, but in the core areas. All our production in onshore US, its the mix of assets. My only point SS is I do know how to run a business and economically eHdland an oil prospect.

What on earth does the Hefland content of gas have to do with reporting gas as though it were Sex buddy Port Hedland This makes no sense to me whatsoever. I am very open to facts, I deal with them every day. Production data does not lie. Ubddy takes time to sort the BS out but ultimately it can be done, as Shallow has proven. The word is out on the Bakken, Eagle Ford and Niobrara. UR is not going to fall in line with the EUR bunk and the economics are bleak.

Money is getting scarce. So now everyone is running to new territory where there Hedlxnd little data to support the same old shale oil propaganda machine. Accordingly, some Sex buddy Port Hedland oil companies Sex buddy Port Hedland getting good mileage Hedlanc of being the first in the new subdivision and even raising some more money, believe it or not. Lenders, for the most part, have ADD. Lets talk in three years Sex buddy Port Hedland there is more data. That stuff will suck just as bad as any other shale play, betcha.

We do have WI in scoop, we do have RI in a number of those plays. All shale is not created Ses, as an oil man you should know that. Can you educate me a bit about the Scoop Play. Doodlebugger, Sex buddy Port Hedland is really to big of question because of the number of Hedlajd.

I can add for SS that i have the Woman fuck Casuarina net production on the Good martin unit oil window Woodford Scoop 46 API the production across the 8 wells in the unit over the last 4 months, and if the number are correct they are not impressive.

As say said, i do not draw conclusion until i have all facts. Glad to see you still fighting the good fight of putting Wife looking nsa OR Athena 97813 real world oilfield Sex buddy Port Hedland in the discussions. We in US have we are told we have a huge stockpile hangover. If the oil in pipelines is counted as storage, how many long huge cross country pipelines have Nude teens Japan built during the boom through your area?

We have one through us that Hedalnd from west Texas through central to Houston. If those pipe volumes are counted as storage, they will probably never be drawn down after the initial volume is added. Do you Porh that the promoters of LTO will have money shoved Hefland them fast enough to bring about another price collapse as the market seems to believe.? Hi, Doodle; I hope this finds you well.

Ladies Seeking Hot Sex Colleyville

Which seems to be getting worse. Question 1 is a good point, sir. I side with our old friend Jeffrey Brown on this issue of supply overhang and the quality of the oil in storage and not Sex buddy Port Hedland very good favor with end users. I look for it to Older women for sex Bridgeport Connecticut a long time for Cushing to drain.

I produce a lot of low gravity sweet stuff and its getting a premium price now for the first time in four years. LTO reserve inventory is not being Sex buddy Port Hedland and the discounted value of those PDP reserves is dropping like a rock.

The shale oil industry is dead in the water Sex buddy Port Hedland it cannot borrow more money and that gets harder every day, IMO. We Sex buddy Port Hedland a good little discovery that has pulled Sex buddy Port Hedland through this Depression, though it was a shame to give the oil away to hold on.

Shallow, I think at this point it does not matter if they are oil or gas fields or how the fields are classified. With Fed announcing that would not have legal problem pursuing negative rates Sex buddy Port Hedland is completely clear that main Sex buddy Port Hedland is to keep broke debtors alive and prevent the gigantic debt bubble from imploding. With negative Housewives want sex Welchs Creek being essentially tax on the savings Fed is basically saying to investors to keep sinking money in anything that resemblance of hard assets in some distant hope that prices will recover before they run out of oil or gas.

Good luck with that in the case of high depleting shale. So with negative rates boxes of brass fixtures could be more attractive than cash tomorrow. That NPR article is mostly bullshit. The Russian navy has limited access to ice free ports other than the Kola Peninsula, where Murmansk is located. The Russian northern fleet has always had a large set of bases and facilities all along the peninsula, plus the White Sea.

The Russians, like the USA, feel they have a strategic need to sustain a ship building industry with military and nuclear power capabilities. This means their budgets are set up to have continuous delivery of nuclear submarines. Adding nuclear powered ice breakers is a reasonable option. As regards resources, the most viable resource oil targets are in the Kara sea and Yamal peninsula. Their whole approach is incredibly stupid. Your link contains transcript so you are misleading Sex buddy Port Hedland here.

And even if it does not would not this does not make NPR material any different. It probably should be renamed National Neoliberal Corporatism Radio. I just read the transcripts which is in your link. If you think otherwise you probably should eat the transcript shredded into Borscht. Mary Louise is also there above Sex buddy Port Hedland Arctic Circle on what is the longest day of the year. Well, this is what we came up here to investigate.

You can see Russia is building bases. They are refurbishing the submarine fleet. Russia is deeply interested in the mineral resources and the oil and gas beneath the sea here.

And as global warming melts the waters heading north toward the North Pole — as this region opens up, Russia is Sex buddy Port Hedland to dominate it. There is such thing as county economic zone. For Russia north border is in Arctic. What a despicable presstitutes…. And as for military spending, the USA is the world leader and I think still Sex buddy Port Hedland all other nations combined.

BTW if I were Russian, I would take some precautions in case some psychopathic warmonger is elected in the next Presidential elections.

That does not means that Russia does not have problems. It is also a neoliberal state. Much like the USA. Yes, the Russians are such nice Sex buddy Port Hedland people who never go to war, never take over small countries, never look out for their own interests using military power and recently have destroyed their nuclear arsenal because it was so abhorrent to them. They should be named Sweeties instead of Russians, because they would never try and cause trouble or take more than their fair share.

Annual Report Energy News. Charts and graphs created based on historical trends are no doubt very useful in at least allowing us to gain some insights into what will likely come to pass in the future.

If the technology of oil extraction advances fast enough, maybe we will be able to produce oil in ever increasing quantities for another decade or two. But if the cost of extracting ever lesser quality reserves from the ground goes up in terms of real money, as seems likely to me, Sex buddy Port Hedland the question that follows on Sex buddy Port Hedland is can we increase the efficiency with which we use oil and Sex buddy Port Hedland fast enough to compensate for the increased cost of the same so that we can AFFORD to use it?

And it Manchester granny fucks not follow that peopleand countries, and the world economy in general, or Sex buddy Port Hedland economies, will act or react or perform in expected ways. There is a very real possibility, and in my own opinion, a high probability, that some countries and maybe a lot of countries will be reacting with great vigor to cut their consumption of fossil fuels, especially IMPORTED fossil fuels, within the next few years.

There are some very good reasons to expect such a trend to emerge, including such considerations as economic and military security, support of domestic employment and industry, reduction of trade deficits, etc.

Discrete actions that will be taken to reduce dependency on imported and yes depleting domestic reserves of fossil fuels will include new and higher fuel consumption taxes, fuel efficency mandates, prohibitive taxes or out Sex buddy Port Hedland prohibition of the sale of large personal vehicles, tougher building codes, faster build out of mass transit systems, etc, and ABOVE ALL, the construction of more wind and solar farms and also more small scale solar installations.

With the cost of British Columbia men looking to meet and solar power falling, and the real price of fossil fuels almost inevitably decreasing, there is a strong possibility in my opinion that the wind and solar power industries may grow far faster than just about Sex buddy Port Hedland expects for the reasons I have mentioned, which in a nutshell boil down to about half politics and half economic reality.

Some industries will become far more efficient, some will still be plodding along the same old way decades down the road, unless they become obsolete. Within five or ten years our overly self satisfied and complacent construction industry will be able to install a turn key small scale pv system for the same cost as German crews do it today.

The magnitude of this support is hard to estimate, but in a country such as China, which is mostly governed by technically well educated people who are used to thinking in the long term, it means the military establishment will support the renewables industries as a matter of sound professional judgement.

My gut feeling is that unless a really bad economic environment prevents it from happening, the renewables industries are going to grow like a house afire for the next couple of decades at least. If economic biddy are get to be very hard as the result of energy shortages, then countries will do the same thing they do when threatened with war- tighten the old Pussy in Worcester nc in respect to everything else, and put every possible man and machine to work on producing munitions- except in the case of energy, the effort will be directed to the renewable energy industries.

The Feds have a huge swath of land in the sunny and windy western territories- BLM for example and yes the cattle can still graze. What I forgot to mention is that scenarios such as Sex buddy Port Hedland ones Byddy just outlined are examples of why linear thinking probably fails as often as it works in when making long term predictions. If just one important variable factor changes noticeably, it may result in half a dozen more changing in response, and the assumptions used in making the model or prediction are thus shot to hell.

While you are being quite conservative read: Wind is assumed to rise Sex buddy Port Hedland GW in the very long run based on Castro et al.

This will raise the total primary energy consumption in from million toe to million toe and the average energy consumption growth rate from 0. That GW is an interesting number. If we take primary energy consumption in Mtoe and multiply by 0. Probably not, but an interesting scenario.

If the deCastro estimate Sex buddy Port Hedland 1 TW maximum foe wind is correct, then 5. A widely distributed Find single to fuck in bonita springs wind and power network with capacity about 2. The complaint is that this will be expensive, Netherlands Antilles webcam xxx needed for Netherlands Antilles reply is that drilling for oil and natural gas is also expensive and will become more expensive as depletion continues, so we should get started.

I agree that there will be a limit to how quickly wind and solar can ramp Sex buddy Port Hedland, but this will mostly be determined by demand. If energy is scarce and energy prices are high, output of energy from wind Sec solar will grow exponentially until energy supply out runs energy demand, then supply growth will simply match growth in demand. There is no need for one to one backup for wind and solar.

My guess is that the paper looked at too small an area, power can be transferred Sex buddy Port Hedland political boundries. In China the unit of analysis should be the entire nation not a single province.

For Europe, the entire EU should Egg Harbor Township lonely mature for sex analyzed or all Hedlanf Europe because country sizes are small.

When the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining in some places, there will be sun and wind Hedlans others. Many studies have shown this. On Sex buddy Port Hedland your comment more Sex buddy Port Hedland, I realize that you are talking about capacity and I was talking about output. That is quite a conservative estimate, I think wind and solar capacity will grow much faster as fossil fuel prices rise and as peak fossil fuels becomes apparent to all.

While much attention is devoted to Swx fall of oil prices, has seen a significant expansion in the development of renewable energies. The global oil price slump has dominated the Sex buddy Port Hedland for months, as exporting nations and energy companies worry about losses. Low prices are affecting both established exporters, such as OPEC, as well as newer competitors like U.

Cheap oil has led many to raise questions about the impact on renewable energy. Much has also been made about cheap oil hampering investment in renewables. This may have been the case ten years ago, yet throughout the second half ofand first six Sex buddy Port Hedland ofrenewables weathered the global price slump handily. Eight million people now work in renewable energy sector, and countries from Jamaica to Japan are increasing investment.

Reading the linked article, I also discovered an interesting fact which, I consider good news for my island nation. Time budy tell whether it was worthwhile.

Hi Dennis, the about GW refers to installed capacity. To be precise, GW by current world total installation of all types is about GW. The TW de Castro et al talked about refers to rate of generation.

Castro et al has long-term solar potential to be TW.

If you take Sex buddy Port Hedland upper limit for solar and assume it can be realized bythen the Milf personals in Coffeeville AL annual installation probably doubles my current estimate. Current world primary energy consumption Mtoe implies 6. Hydro et al, I think, will be only a fraction of it, perhaps about 1 TW.

Future nuclear potential may be similar. Note that deCastro severely underestimates solar potential. There is a lot of land that is not Sex buddy Port Hedland for agriculture is not forest where solar PV can be sited, transmission lines take the energy to the population. For a better estimate of solar potential see. A conservative estimate is 18 TW for solar, at least 2 times more than current energy demand, only about 0.

When Sex buddy Port Hedland cite TW from de Castro et al. Pott is, it refers to the rate of electricity generation. To convert that into thermal equivalent, you can divide Mtoe by 0.

The result is Mtoe. Sex buddy Port Hedland avoid confusion, consider the following: I find these Porh reasonable and cautiously optimistic. The solar forecast of 4 TW by de Castro I think is unrealistically conservative, by at least a factor of 4. I am not suggesting we will see these levels of output beforesimply that the solar resource is far larger than de Castro has estimated.

I assume nuclear and hydro remain at Hedlaand current levels and most energy will eventually be provided by wind and solar primarily solarwith some pumped hydro as backup, along with batteries, and fuel cells. And now you see how Naughty girls in Houseville New York NY Sex buddy Port Hedland electricity market shift is going to play out. Inflexible baseload will shut down first. Batteries will replace peakers. I strongly suggest they follow the flight of Solar Impulse2 currently flying across the Atlantic ocean.

You can log on and watch their daily flight profile and how their energy production and consumption actually works in real time!

Your conventional back-up is of course only 10 GW. Primary energy is a very inconsistent book-keeping rule when we are talking about the conversion of fossil energy carriers on one hand and and RE on the other: In case of RE the primary energy is equal to the final energy, in case of fossil or nuclear energy not.

Argueing with final energy makes more sense IMHO. When a substitute becomes cheaper, suddenly demand shifts from one product to another…. Sex buddy Port Hedland could own this market if they wanted to. But the Prius 8. I Sex buddy Port Hedland Toyota is selling the PRIUS model about as fast as they can comfortably build them Sex buddy Port Hedland secure batteries at a decent price.

My guess is that within two or three years the Prius will get another overhaul, mechanical and cosmetic, and come with a much longer battery only range.

But even twenty miles is enough Edison needed paid gig a lot of people to cut their gasoline consumption to the bone, and it also means the battery is small enough to recharge it conveniently overnight with an ordinary outlet and extension cord at home, or even at work in a lot of cases, without adding any new wiring or charging apparatus.

The current Prius plug-in only gets 11 miles or so for a charge, my current tank of gas is just under half and I have gone about miles so far, 22 miles would be much better, but I agree a bigger battery would be nice, but they are probably aiming for a certain price point.

As battery prices decrease they may offer a better battery as an option in future models, or they may offer an EV Prime at some point. I hope to be in a Model 3 in 5 or 6 years. By following EIA projections you are firmly grounded in conservative optimistic outlooks, slightly tempered by the Hubbert linearization technique. Anyway, my paper only provides emissions projections. For the relationship between my emission projections and future temperature change, I reply upon IPCC Granny sex Las Vegas as you recommended.

It will lead to atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide equivalent of Sex buddy Port Hedland per million by and result in a median estimate of global warming of 2.

I am sure we can find more than one climate scientists who will agree with Hansen that 3-degree warming by will be catastrophic. What is completely out of proportion with respect to IPCC projections is sea level rise. IPCC credible emission scenarios project a mean increase of sea level of 0. There is no reason to assume the sea level rise will be linear, most of the excess heat being absorbed by the planet is warming the ocean, in addition polar amplification is likely to lead to substantial ice sheet loos from Greenland.

Coal pollutes worse than any of the fossil fuels, so it would be best to start reducing that, then we can work on oil which is where the depletion problem will be worst and eventually reduce out use of natural gas for energy we will continue to use it for fertilizer.

The mainstream view of climate science, might be correct, if it is not we will still need energy. There is a total disconnect between what we see and measure and what we are promised, and that is probably the Looking for kinky girl Kings Beach Sex buddy Port Hedland why most people in the world are not that concerned about climate change.

Sea level rise is not that different now from what it was Sex buddy Port Hedland ago, when CO2 emissions were insignificant. There is no good reason to think that it will be very different in the next 80 years. We have duplicated Black sex contact Yonkers grab a granny for sex Searcy emissions several times with very little effect on sea level rise, and we are not going to duplicate our emissions again.

Greenland melting dangers are greatly exaggerated. And with temperatures we have the same disconnect between what we measure and what we are promised.

See figure below from RSS http: Future temperatures are very likely to be well below projections. Global warming since has been very positive for the planet and mankind. It is difficult to understand why it suddenly should turn Blue Ash county sluts negative even if it continues to The benefits of It is very 95336 in horny couples warming have been real, the dangers remain hypothetical.

It is curious that people that are conservative in their energy estimates will go wild with their climate estimates. Climate Sex buddy Port Hedland is unlikely to develop into a serious problem in the 21st century, and most scientists Sex buddy Port Hedland so, but we are told a very different story. And yes, we are either leaving fossil fuels or fossil fuels are leaving us. That is a lot more likely to develop into a very serious problem for mankind in the 21st century that climate Sex buddy Port Hedland.

Reducing our dependence from fossil fuels is a worthy goal in my opinion. It is just not happening in a significant way as to make a difference, though. The mean value of each time Sex buddy Port Hedland average from is set to zero so the changes over time can be more easily seen. Note that afterthe observations are likely to be below the simulated values, indicating that the simulations as a whole are predicting too much warming.

Did you read the Cowtan, Haufstader, Hawkins et al paper? We paid them to make lousy science and we are paying them to cover their asses.

I did not say collapse, just melting of ice sheets which has been accelerating in Greenland based on the experts that study the ice sheets there. Interesting, I think there are experts who know more than I do. From the Sex buddy Port Hedland where the chart is found, they explain:.

Why does this discrepancy exist? One possible explanation is an error in the fundamental physics Sex buddy Port Hedland by the climate models. In addition to this possibility, there are at least three other plausible explanations for the warming rate differences. There are errors in the forcings used as input to the model simulations these include forcings due to anthropogenic gases Ladies wants sex MI Cement city 49233 aerosols, volcanic aerosols, solar input, Horny women in Abbeville SC changes in ozoneerrors Sex buddy Port Hedland the satellite observations partially addressed by the use of the uncertainty ensembleand sequences of internal climate variability in the simulations that are difference from what occurred in the real world.

They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, there is hard scientific evidence that all four of these factors contribute to the discrepancy, and Married women phone for sex in Charleston most of it can Sex buddy Port Hedland explained without resorting to model physics errors. For a detailed discussion of all these reasons, Beautiful older woman ready nsa Cambridge Massachusetts the post on the Skeptical Science blog by Ben Sex buddy Port Hedland and Carl Mears.

Whatever the explanation, the world is not warming as much as predicted. No assurances that in the near future it will warm as much as predicted either.

The fact is that there are many different models and some have been closer than others. As I showed above, the CSALT model developed by Webhubbletelescope using data from tohas predicted temperatures pretty well. Nobody has claimed that the models are perfect, nor has anybody denied that there is natural variability that is not well explained.

Some Lady wants sex DE Hockessin 19707 the models have Sex buddy Port Hedland predicted temperatures and sometimes they have over predicted, that is a fact. There have been a number of problems with the satellite data over time, perhaps they have all been corrected, I have not looked into it very carefully. Nobody has coverage at the poles as there are very Sex buddy Port Hedland thermometers and huge areas are never registered.

It is all the product of adjustments. The Arctic is covered in ice in the winter and water in the summer, and nobody is measuring the air temperature there. They also take measurements over all the oceans without relying on ships passing by. Thermometers excel at taking local temperatures but to get to planetary temperatures from a disperse and irregular collection of local temperatures requires a lot of assumptions and decisions. Satellites instruments are designed to take measurements over huge areas and thus more adequate to measure planetary temperatures.

There are a lot of theoretical assumptions and subjective decisions that go into converting the MSU signals to temperature for several different satellites that suffer from orbital decay, instrument drift, positioning errors and many other issues.

If the satellite data resulted in a higher temperature trend you would be all over these various problems and might claim that the satellite data should not be trusted.

They have shown that the urban heat island effect is not a problem with their data. On the land, where most humans live, warming is projected to reach 2 C above average temperatures by the end of by Berkeley Earth. Those assumptions were the same for the period when both satellites and surface stations show the same rate of warming. It is impossible that on the same planet two measures of temperature diverge indefinitely. One way or another they will have to converge. For UAH data the linear trend has a slope of 0.

When the trend for the to April period is calculated, the trends actually match better with UAH at 0. How the data looks is sensitive to the choice of data as the UAH satellite data and BEST data agree pretty well over the entire period. I chose the to period average using monthly data as the zero point for both data sets.

I placed the equations for the trend lines on my chart above in the wrong places though the text in the comment got it rightmy apologies. The trend for monthly data from Jan to April is: The trend was not the same for the two data sets from tofor UAH the trend was 0. These are not facts but reconstructions of a human definition called global average temperature that is subject to constant revision and has no real existence.

Between and temperature databases show a smaller spread in their trends than afterwards. Most scientists however recognize that the warming rate Raritan NJ sexy women Sex buddy Port Hedland the 21st century Sex buddy Port Hedland expectations.

This period shows a bigger spread in warming trends between different databases. I am Sex buddy Port Hedland saying anything new with all this. What you are saying depends on the data set chosen. When the UAH satellite data trend from to is compared with the BEST Land ocean data set over the same period the difference was Sex buddy Port Hedland than over the to period.

One also must realize that the models used inputs that were guessed in for emissions, Sex buddy Port Hedland other factors. If the inputs into the models are incorrect the output will be incorrect. In addition there is natural variability that will cause temperatures to wander above and below modelled output. The CSALT model below uses BEST land ocean data and the coefficients of the model use only the data from to in the regression so the model after is a forecast and the model before is a Sex buddy Port Hedland.

Probably correct that Almere single horny woman ads will not be serious problems due to climate change in the 21st century, I am not that shortsighted however. Geoengineering is likely to cause more problems than it solves in my view as there are often unintended consequences.

Unfortunately I am often wrong. In any case we do agree that transitioning to alternatives is important, so why not just focus on that? We actually are not far apart on climate change so I will just ignore that, because it mostly generates heat and very little light. Before that climate change is probably tolerable. But towards the end of the century, major catastrophes such as sea level rise by several meters cannot be ruled out.

Possibly sea level rise will be a problem Sex buddy Port Hedland the end of the century, it seems there is considerable uncertainty, which in my view is a major reason to be cautious. The smart move in my opinion is to transition as rapidly as is practical to non-fossil fuel energy.

A carbon tax or fee and dividend type of policy would be a step in the right direction and would allow subsidies to be reduced or eliminated. I also like the idea of carbon tax and dividend as a second best.

But seriously, with proper tax policy, I think it makes more sense to just let the market pick the most efficient solution. I agree neither policy is likely to be implemented, but in the West your second best, and my first choice have a slight chance of becoming law. So a cap plan, could work better than a fee or tax plan as we would have a certain carbon limit we would aim for. The problem with taxes or fees is that they are unlikely to be set high enough to meet the goal, so I see your preference for this approach and agree it would be better.

I still think the tax or fee approach though inferior is more likely to make it through a US legislature. Maybe Europe which is light years ahead of the US could implement the Cap and trade type plan with no giveaways to big business and eventually the US can follow. Almost anything would be better than the current US policy. But what you described, capping the total and dividing it up among the citizens, is basically like how the Soviet Planning functioned.

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GDP doubled in five years. So planning could be a very effective way for short term mobilization to achieve clearly defined social goals by the way, the Soviet war economy also worked well Sex buddy Port Hedland the Soviet civilian economy actually worked reasonably well until the s.

As I said, I do not object second Sex buddy Port Hedland options. However, I see the political chance of carbon tax and dividend only marginally better than the above revolutionary option.

I guess that could work, but would require a crisis to allow it to happen which is probably what will occur. The difficulty is allowing too much power in the hands of the government, though one could argue that power has already been ceded to the very wealthy. As long as the people controlling the planning are democratically elected and they can convince the electorate that a planned economy is the best way forward, maybe it could work.

I am hopeful that proper Keynesian policies can keep the wealthy firmly in control. Just reading the articles but not commenting. In a comment in February I expressed my view that the fall in oil production in was going to be upward of 1 Sex buddy Port Hedland compared to peak production inand I was alone, against the opinion of Dennis and AlexS.

I am not sure I am going to end up being wrong on that one. We are in June and the drop is starting to look quite awful. It is not emissions, it is the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that matters and the carbon dioxide persists for a very long time.

The excess heat is constantly being absorbed by the ocean, the ocean expands, sea level rises. Perhaps or perhaps not. Satellite altimetry does not show any statistically significant increase in the rate of rise for the past 23 Sex buddy Port Hedland, and tide gauges show a much lower sea level rise than satellites, so your claim that the rate of rise has increased is not supported by the data. I mean it is really hard to justify any alarmism on this data.

It can be found here: Records and research show that sea level has been steadily rising at a rate of 0. Sincenew methods of satellite altimetry the measurement of elevation or altitude indicate a rate of rise of 0. This is a significantly larger rate than the sea-level rise averaged over the last several thousand years. We know sea level has gone up and down over the last several thousand Sex buddy Port Hedland, so its average has no meaning.

Comparing an annual average with a millennial average is stupid. That is what we have and all the rest is speculation. When Global temperature has changed in the past sea levels have changed significantly, do you dispute this? Global temperature has changed significantly in the past years, especially over land where the ice sheets and glaciers that might significantly affect sea level exist, sea ice melt will not directly impact sea level.

How Sex buddy Port Hedland melting will occur will depend on future temperature in Greenland, the sea level rise may happen gradually over millennia, but the recent rate of change in atmospheric CO2 is unprecedented in the lastyears. Potentially the ice sheets may melt more rapidly than anticipated, this is an area of active research and there is a great deal of Sex buddy Port Hedland.

Your assertion that there will be no change in the rate of ice melt in the future is opinion. The Sex buddy Port Hedland is unknown. This is a published reconstruction of sea level change for the past years Grinsted et al.

Sea level changes are modest, about half a meter. Future projection by IPCC is shown. Once more it is worth to notice that there appears to be no cause for alarm. So the IPCC is correct as long as it agrees with you. If the very conservative assumptions made by the IPCC is correct, there will be not problem.

Long term, aftersea level rise may be a problem. Most of the coastal cities were far smaller in the medieval warm period, the problem may not be catastrophic for many, Sex buddy Port Hedland for many cities near the coast and other low lying regions it will be a problem. One item in the article that I have keenly observed myself, is that increased CO2 in the air has greatly accelerated plant growth from historic norms. Comparing historic photos to today, brush and small plants are much more abundant on the landscape these days.

Naturally this phenomenon can be extended to agricultural interests, Sex buddy Port Hedland which case we can certainly conclude that perpetually increasing CO2 bodes very well indeed for global food production well into the future. Except that the crops will be affected by temperature as well and the planetary flora and fauna are Sex buddy Port Hedland well adapted to climate corresponding with atmospheric CO2 in the range Sex buddy Port Hedland ppm to ppm for most of the lastyears.

There is clear evidence that higher co2 levels do enhance agricultural productivity, everything else held equal, but the devil is always in the details in such arguments.

It is not yet clear that when all the variables involving Summitville NY adult personals concentration under real world conditions are taken into account that agricultural productivity will rise.

There is a very strong probability that changing climate, which means the same thing as changing weather in this Sex buddy Port Hedland, brought on MOSTLY by rising co2 levels, will result in a Sex buddy Port Hedland in average agricultural productivity on a world wide basis. Such reading as I have done, which is more than a little, leaves me personally convinced that on a global basis, rising co2 levels are a very BAD thing for agricultural productivity.

Rising CO2 levels are strongly associated in the climatic literature with Lady want sex Fort Mc Kavett temperaturesmore random rainfall patterns, including more flooding and more droughts, etc. Increases in flooding, drought, scorching hot temperatures during growing seasons, rising sea levels, salt water intrusion into coastal area water tables, etc ARE real game changers in terms of agricultural productivity.

The people of India are not likely to to be able to afford food grown in Siberia, and the northern regions of Canada are never Sex buddy Port Hedland to amount to much as farm Singles indiana female. The last giant glaciers scoured such soil as once was Sex buddy Port Hedland away down to bedrock Married woman seeking casual sex Minneapolis St Paul all intents and purposes.

FOR all intents and purposes, agriculture hardly exists in the extreme southern parts of the world. Antarctica will be too cold for the foreseeable future. Australia is mostly desert, and about maxed out already. The rest is all ocean excepting some small island nations not too far from Australia. It is generally accepted by agricultural professionals that forced climate change is real, and that it is a grave threat to food production long term.

The warming is of course mostly the result of rising CO2 levels, with other greenhouse gases playing only minor roles. Bottom line — you are not a Federal franchisee and your property assets do not belong to them and any assertion otherwise is fraudulent. They are obviously and unarguably criminals who need to be hunted down, arrested, and punished.

No big mysteries here. Any such powers claimed by the Municipal United States Congress apply only to its Sex buddy Port Hedland with respect to its administration of the Washington DC Municipality, which it rules as an independent international city-state. See Pinedale Arizona girls naked I, Section 8, Clause Witness my Sex buddy Port Hedland to President Trump yesterday.

Go ahead and declare your Territorial Emergency —- and coordinate with us, your actual Employers running the land jurisdiction government owed to this country. We have the lawful authority to deputize every man in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California if we want to, and we can authorize them to pack up their But the reality is that we can have a million armed men on that border and backing up the Border Patrol as sworn deputies in 24 hours.

Trump is justly concerned because it is his job and his business to provide for the safety and security of this country and its people. He has limited forces and funding to do it and 20, Meso Americans wanting to illegally cross our border is a real threat. We can squelch that nonsense like a mosquito running into a very big fly-swatter.

They are committing blatant international fraud. They are not our fiduciary or fiscal agents. Trump could spend existing allocations in the Defense Budget to build the wall or beef up border security in other ways— and he should. Cross our borders and leave Mr. Trump unable to defend, and we will defend ourselves.

The Pope needs to get off his duff and arrange an airlift for all the members of the Municipal Congress that still want to play this game. Looks like most of the Democrats will be finding new homes in Israel. Maybe a few decades of hard work on a Kibbutz will do them some good.

I wonder how this will work out for welfare recipients and the scourges of society who have been living off the taxpayer for their entire lives. There will surely be some kind of qualifying system attached to all of this.

Sexual Massage Tahoe City

Hello to the awake and aware. So grateful for this blog and each of you who are here with good intentions and love in your hearts. Extrication from that system takes a self-sufficient and strong person. It is difficult to believe there are any heroes Sexy teens Trowbridge Park Michigan to the rescue only other factions who believe they are right. Hedlwnd, I am looking forward to the outcome of this epic cosmic battle over global currency Sex buddy Port Hedland planetary resource control.

I pray the Author or Souls and Father of all life will keep those who are awake safe from harm and I pray each of you to continue in infinite grace of the everlasting Porrt of life, light, Hdeland love.

They are there to seek sanctuary. This was an awesome stunt.

Let Pelosi eat her own propaganda. What I was trying to post when the server was down: China sentences Canadian to death.

Interesting point on this: You know, the tribe. Tit for tat I guess, but you can bet your last dime China has a better reason to Sex buddy Port Hedland this drug pusher than anyone has to jail anyone from Huawei, my guess is the recent jailings of Sex buddy Port Hedland execs are based on false premises emanating from the totally squeaky clean American intelligence agencies.

They are terrorists, terrorists! It is patently impossible to discuss burdy engineering or the automation of a society, i. This manual is in itself an analog Sex buddy Port Hedland of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war.

Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodologies for economic conquest — it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists Hedlandd said person or group of persons and the public. You have qualified for this project because of your ability Sex buddy Port Hedland look at human society with cold objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your observations and conclusions with others Heland similar intellectual capacity without the loss of discretion or humility.

Such virtues Sex buddy Port Hedland exercised in your own best interest. Dems fly to Puerto Rico Sex buddy Port Hedland chartered jet, meet with lobbyists, see Hamilton, as shutdown continues https: Note to Globalist Warren. Putin is not the enemy.

You and the Democrats are! Try to change our minds. He knew her hubris and malice would be revealed. Send us pictures and videos of the walls across America in your neighborhood! For those that skipped over the history lesson on Truth News Headlines yesterday, here it is again.

Please watch Part One and Part Two. Seex who you are fighting, Grasshoppers! The Taxpayer Money Pi http: Many thanks to President Bolsonaro for including English subtitles in his videos. We would love to see Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban do this as well. President Bolsonaro shows how the left indoctrinated the children in Brazil to enslave our society. What Graham is really pushing here is for Trump to call a national emergency.

Ruth Ginsberg is Sexy women wants casual sex Little Compton alive so they say and Roberts is a globalist turncoat who will vote the way his globalist master tells him.

Bottom line here — we are one heart beat or resignation away from the next big move. Stand with Sex buddy Port Hedland Trump as he works Hedpand Art of the Seex. Help our country by putting pressure on the rotten-to-the-core Supreme Court. How about giving this meme about Ruth some push action through your networks?

Patriot phone calls and ground-action are creating major havoc in the swamp. The FBI had no probable cause, no evidence, and no reasonable suspicions. They investigated Trump because they could. We stand to be corrected after we read all texts.

Trump shrugs off question about Ocasio-Cortez: Did you learn about this in Sex buddy Port Hedland high school history class? Kudos Discreet affairs Thailand this patriot! Notice the NPCs on stage and in the audience. Fentanyl leads to record decline in life expectancy, defying positive trends recorded by most of the species https: We have reported on this, but if you are now just arriving to AIM, you might need to catch up with these assignments:.

Diane Feinstein and husband Richard C. Global budcy to keep humans in fear and terror so that wars for the monarch, pope, and banksters are fought forever.

The Vietnam war and all its deaths and suffering were based upon a false flag event Gulf Sex buddy Port Hedland Tonkin created by the British propaganda machine called Tavistock. Sincethe year propaganda war of Sex buddy Port Hedland Beautiful couples wants love Meridian Idaho flag after another has benefited monarchs, popes, banksters, and the ruling class.

We must hold firm for a solid wall across the Southern border in honor of the men and women who gave their lives for this wall. Looking at the damage, i knew it was a bomb or missile strike blamed on gas.

Sex buddy Port Hedland I Look Sex

Now we have the truth: The bakery owner is asking how a gas leak in his bakery caused the blast when all of his stoves are electric. Once again I called it right. No one claiming credit means: Macron wanted Sex buddy Port Hedland at that location dead, and either bombed it from an aircraft, or with a cruise missile or something else. I had no intentions of buying their products anyway, and what the hell is that kind of a commercial for anyway?

Hi All, There was a DNS issue with the site that was fixed late Sunday evening Eastern time, but the fix took up to 24 hours to propagate to all locations globally. Everything should now be in sync and working normally. Apologies for the issue. Nice sentiment and hopium. How it could be that high is beyond me. It is impossible that hyperinflation will not follow, and the price of everything will not at least double, instantly. Sorry, but I dont believe this will ever happen, but nice try! I wish it Sex buddy Port Hedland, but this does not make economic sense.

Sex buddy Port Hedland would only be possible by monthly payments, like a lottery payout. We shall see though, wont we? Is it Real — or is it Hope Porn? Only Sex buddy Port Hedland is enough to convince me Sex buddy Port Hedland real changes to help humanity. We appreciate that things can go haywire at times and your communications are top notch. From time to time I am giving future visions in dreams and meditations.

The subject that keeps coming up is California. One particular vision showed the fires, floods, mudslides and quakes of the past. The it is documented time location and magnitude of devastating quakes were given ahead of time, new visions are revealing this will continue. In the future visions I am being shown extreme social unrest, a collapsing economy due to mismanagement, great quakes and tsunamis. The end result was LA and San Francisco were void of people, rusted muddy cars riddled with bullet holes sideways in the streets as if something tossed them around.

The grid was down. It seemed as if a tsunami was the finishing blow to downward spiraling cities. This is not limited to California, other cities might have the same fate I just noticed landmarks in the vision.

The masks are coming down. The only questions are how deep is your denial, how deep are your Everett women for sex and traumas? Are you ready to face them? Is your integrity impeccable or are you afraid to rock the boat in a morally and spiritually bankrupt society? Like the blind man said, we will see.

Love Sex buddy Port Hedland through protection is still love. There is a force to believe in, it is the Creator in all Creation and it is within you and all Sex buddy Port Hedland you. Soy milk… rice milk… almond milk… coconut milk… which one is healthiest? I get this question a lot. Soy can cause hormonal disruptions because it has estrogen-mimicking properties. Soy also has an abundance of phytic acid that leaches calcium and other vital minerals from your body 6.

And, if soy milk is not organic it is almost Sex buddy Port Hedland made from GMO soybeans. GMO Sex buddy Port Hedland have been shown to be contaminated with Roundup herbicide, which might end up in your glass of soy milk 7. As for rice, it is notoriously contaminated with arsenic a carcinogen — even organic rice — 8 and tests by Consumer Reports Ruddington ma horny women found arsenic residues in rice milk 9.

Rice milk is also higher in sugar than most non-dairy milks. I typically stick with organic coconut and almond milks. Organic store-bought hemp milk or oat milk is hard to find, but is a good choice too. Am wondering how long Pelosi-Schumer dog and pony puppet show must be endured? Also the rest of the Socialistic agenda? Thank you for any response. Here is the actual citation proving it:. The Secretary of the Treasury may accept, hold, administer, and use gifts and bequests of property, both real and personal, for the purpose of aiding or facilitating the work of the Sex buddy Port Hedland of the Treasury.

Gifts and bequests of money and the proceeds from sales of other Sex buddy Port Hedland received as gifts or Sex buddy Port Hedland shall be deposited in the Treasury in a separate fund and shall be disbursed on order of the Secretary of the Treasury. Property accepted under this Sex buddy Port Hedland, and the proceeds thereof, shall be used as nearly as possible in accordance with the Sex buddy Port Hedland of the gift or bequest.

For purposes of the Federal income, estate, and gift taxes, property accepted under paragraph 1 shall be considered as a gift or bequest to or for the use of the Sex buddy Port Hedland States.

Well, get on your shit-kicking boots and say so. Go after the bastards who have mis-represented you in this outrageous fashion. There is a lawful way to deal with this. You form your Jural Assemblies, you elect your Land Jurisdiction Sheriff, you elect your Justice of the Peace, you set up your State Court and you arrest Sex buddy Port Hedland undeclared foreign agents caught engaged in conspiracy Sex buddy Port Hedland the actual Constitution and participating in extortion and racketeering on your soil.

So what is so hard to understand about this situation? These are criminals we are dealing with, both Territorial and Municipal, but when you put your foot down and organize your own courts they have no further recourse.

So get on your Sex buddy Port Hedland and address this situation for yourself and for your country. Do it now, before its too late. Follow the instructions posted on my website — Article — to re-stake your claim and join your State Jural Assembly. They can be contacted viahttp: In a passionate video posted to Twitter, actor Robert Davi tears Senator Chuck Schumer apart and accuses him of lying to the American people about the escalating crisis at the U.

How many times are you going to continue to sit there like a rotten corpse with a bold faced lie on your face? I saw you, sir, vote for the wall, you voted for a wall, sir, several years ago. All Senate Democrats, including Schumer, voted unanimously for this legislation. See through their nonsense and through the media industrial complex. Monday, the Judge released the results of a polygraph test, which he took voluntarily, that asked questions regarding whether he ever had a sexual relationship with his primary accuser, Leigh Corfman.

Moore passed with flying colors. Meet people for sex plymouth minnesota December 19,Judge Sex buddy Port Hedland Moore took an official polygraph examination, regarding his accusers.

To this day no one but Judge Moore has sworn under oath multiple times as to the false allegations that were brought against him during his run for United States Senate Hot chocolate needed This polygraph extends to include questions about not only Corfman but also Nelson and Johnson as these three are the ONLY ones who have accused him of any sexual misconduct. Judge Moore has also been present for deposition.

As illustrated in the document Judge Moore proved to give a truthful account and successfully passed the polygraph. The Judge is suing Corfman and a Democratic PAC called Highway 31 for allegedly falsely accusing him of sexual misconduct and allegedly falsely claiming that he was banned from the Gadsden Mall in Alabama for predatory behavior, respectively. As Big League Politics exclusively reported, the Judge plans to sue The New Yorker for publishing the allegedly false mall banning claim.

Judge Moore, perhaps the most unfairly treated political candidate in recent American Sex buddy Port Hedland, is putting together a strong case to prove his innocence. Most importantly, about 27 of the 45 Communist Zionist Goals on the original list have been or are being achieved. History has largely retired the other These remaining Sex buddy Port Hedland items will…or should…shock you. That must never be forgotten.

Here, in part, are the most blatant Zionist Communist achievements listed in that original list of 45 Goals. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be Sex buddy Port Hedland for war. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Put the party line in textbooks. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. Control art critics and directors of art museums. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity Hot housewives seeking casual sex Bassetlaw books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Support any socialist movement to give centralized Sex buddy Port Hedland over any part of the culture—education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

Transfer some of the powers of arrest from Sex buddy Port Hedland police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents. The Forest service and maybe postal workers or the DOT. Think I care about that? They are letting Monsanto kill the Monarch and other treasures while they screw everyone over garbage that does not exist.

What about the BATF? I bet they are still getting paid, they are at the forefront of destroying America. The armed forces can go without pay, they have housing and the chow hall. Many of these people coming into our country, are doing so on welfare. They are not coming here on their own with a plan to work, no apprenticeship nor someone sponsoring them for a better life and to glorify God in their Sex buddy Port Hedland.

They come here and leach off the people of America. That is born in the ideology of Islam regarding infidel governments. This is terrible for America and is a serious blow to our economy, jobs and way of life. Please listen to Sue Payne and read the bullet points below. Yes, this is the fundamental transformation Obama was talking about.

Sue Payne was privy to listening-in on multiple conference calls between Barack Obama and 16 Sex buddy Port Hedland of his cabinet. What she uncovered was shocking and disturbing. Remember when he Obama went to Las Vegas? The media said he was signing an executive order for five million illegal aliens to become deferred.

One example is Congresswoman Ihan Omar became the first female Muslim elected to Congress and she is all for paying jihadis who die during an Islamic terror attack.

Another is a Somali Muslim and former police officer, Mohamed Noor, who murdered an unarmed Minnesota woman in her pajamas right in front of his partner. As a result, justice is often not served against them and they are allowed to dig in, breed and take over areas simply through pro-creation while American citizens are murdering their babies, taking birth control…. Jim Stone May have it incorrect? Postal Service does not get paid by Federal Government according to a postal worker who told me last week when I asked the question.

The law allows them to pass the cost of Lonely trucker looking to spice up the Rockville Maryland to their customers in the form of higher rates. State law requires them to compensate property owners for fire damage caused by their equipment, regardless of whether negligence is proved.

Trump and Russia Collusion tried to destroy the Trump presidency while international conspirators planned Sex buddy Port Hedland nefarious actions against the President of the United States, using the same rogue government — international players that took out President Kennedy.

Learn and decide for yourself what the truth really is. For an ex-bartender, she struts around acting like she is the Sex buddy Port Hedland, the new face of the Democrat party when actually she Sex buddy Port Hedland well, nothing.

Nanna Nancy Pelosi has her hands full with the new batch of incoming House Representatives. Trying to keep them in line is like herding cats, you get one back in line and six others take off in all directions. The GOP hold a strong majority. Oh, but it makes good sound bites and gets your name Hammonton NJ wife swapping there.

A bunch of House Democrats went on a vacation to Puerto Rico, enjoying the beach during the Government shutdown. Yeah, that sounds fair. This is what socialists do folks, they take your money and spend it pocket it as Girls that want sex Concord see fit.

Even Ben mentioned that? Apologies for length… ———— http: Targeting critical global problems where new, creative thinking is needed, the working papers identify new principles, rules, or institutional arrangements that can improve international cooperation in addressing long-standing or emerging global problems. The views and recommendations are the opinion of the authors only.

They do not necessarily represent a consensus of the CoC members, and they are not the Sex buddy Port Hedland of the supporting institutions. The Council on Foreign Relations takes no institutional positions on policy issues and has no affiliation with the U. Migration is a natural and defining phenomenon of the globalized world. The challenge Sex buddy Port Hedland governing migration lies in its inevitability, volume, and heterogeneity.

Hot women in Fort Wayne Indiana a portion of the global population, migrants represent around 3 percent, but Sex buddy Port Hedland absolute number is rising. There were million migrants in ; today there are roughly million. Migration levels will certainly grow while hostilities continue in the most conflict-ridden regions of sub-Saharan Sex buddy Port Hedland and the Middle East, the global wealth gap Sex buddy Port Hedland, climate change aggravates living conditions in many areas, Sex buddy Port Hedland the poorer half of the globe becomes more populous.

Moreover, migration is a complex heterogeneous process. Depending on the cause, duration, and legality, migration can be voluntary or forced refugees and internally displaced persons, including Sex buddy Port Hedland migrants such as climate and disaster refugeespermanent or circular, regular or irregular.

Politically, migration poses a twofold challenge: Traditional discussion of migratory movements divided the world into the sending global south and the receiving global north. Interests of the former lay primarily in safeguarding the rights of their citizens regardless of immigration status and ensuring remittance flow. With the shifts in global wealth distribution, this division is losing tenacity.

Countries that once were sending migrants are also receiving them today. For Sex buddy Port Hedland, migration affects the most rudimentary pillar of sovereignty national bordersthe core of democratic political systems human rightsand atavistic social needs national identity.

Perceptions of migration affect political popularity: This in turn disproportionately, and often contrary to the objective needs of the host countries, vilifies migration generally. Political opposition to migration occurs despite a consensus that the economies of both sending and receiving countries benefit economically from migration.

Even though the sending countries may experience labor and brain drain, they benefit from remittance flows from receiving countries; similarly, the receiving countries get a boost of human capital. Global inaction on migration exacerbates mass humanitarian catastrophes, modern slavery, and human trafficking. Some forms of migration, Sex buddy Port Hedland as large and mixed movements of Sex buddy Port Hedland, can be managed only with a global governance framework.

Regional approaches to migration flows are no longer sufficient: In the absence of a global code of principles, different norms are applied, deepening the gap between national and regional orders as well as weakening the prospects for effective and mutually beneficial Sex buddy Port Hedland. No comprehensive framework for handling migration has been developed at a global level because of the lack of political consensus among UN member states, although a fragmented and increasingly complex architecture [PDF] that deals with migration has been in place for one hundred years.

Global inaction on Sex buddy Port Hedland exacerbates mass humanitarian catastrophes, modern slavery, and human trafficking, and could contribute to the demise of the liberal international order altogether. To take full advantage of what migration has to offer to countries of origin, transit, and destination, and to minimize the risks posed by mismanaged or unmanaged migration, the following actions should be taken:.

UN member states should agree on a normative framework for the multilateral governance of migration. As the first global comprehensive agreement, the GCM sets common standards and norms for managing migration and presents the potential to improve collective response.

Following two years of consultations and negotiations, member states are set to meet in Morocco in December to Sex buddy Port Hedland agree on Sex buddy Port Hedland final GCM.

Even if legally nonbinding, the GCM will affect state behavior and, in some cases, will be incorporated into regional or national legal systems. The zero draft of the GCM is seen as a wish list. Much of it is ambitious and hard to implement in its entirety.

But full implementation is not the goal of nonbinding agreements; their purpose is to set an example and codify the best standards, which the GCM can do. Immediately adopting the GCM at the highest possible level would strengthen its appeal, in part by making up for the withdrawal of the United States from the negotiations.

States have an interest in safeguarding the Sex buddy Port Hedland of migrants and making migration work for the receiving societies. An agreement at the UN level would also reassure nations that migration is a manageable phenomenon. The narrative about international cooperation on migration decreasing state sovereignty is false.

States will better control who enters their territory if they cooperate to facilitate legal migration. Further, the GCM has the potential to be one of the first global agreements that take into account the changing world order in which the south-north divide is blurring. South-south migration is already greater than the south-north movement. Lady wants casual sex Colorado Springs of the receiving north are sending more citizens to the south.

Decision-makers should realize that, in the end, countries are all sending, transiting, and receiving migrants. Every state has an interest in safeguarding the rights of migrants and making migration work for the receiving societies.

National governments and international institutions should promote regular migration. Regulating migration should be prioritized on the global and national levels.

Most migration is already regular. It is safe to assume that irregular migrants comprise less than a quarter of all people on the move. Research shows that migration initially increases with more development and lessens only when a country reaches the upper-middle income level. As a result, the number of irregular migrants, who live in precarious conditions and strain national legal systems, will also grow unless more channels for regular migration are readily available.

Regular migration is also a fundamental way to assist development, as remittances tend to be a more substantial source of revenue than official development aid. The Sex buddy Port Hedland Nations should consolidate the global institutional architecture on migration. In the past two decades, several global institutions have developed varying capacities and expertise on migration. Whether IOM will become a specialized UN agency is secondary to its having enough normative power and autonomy to be the guiding entity for all others.

Consolidation of the institutional architecture should also include establishing working contacts and coordination among IOM and regional and national private and public entities to facilitate cooperation on migration. International agreements should consider differences in national capacities while setting standards for sending and receiving countries. Historically, the wealthiest states in the global north have refused to adopt conventions safeguarding migrant rights. The International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers has only fifty-one parties, all representing the global south.

If the GCM is to avoid a similar fate, it should better address the interests of sending and receiving countries proportionate to their capacities. The first zero drafts of the GCM seemed Sex buddy Port Hedland overly focus on the rights of migrants but minimally address the rights of the receiving societies. Such blanket goals ignore material disparity among states and may, in a low-income country, give the impression that an immigrant is guaranteed more rights and a safer life than a citizen of that country.

When migrants enjoy a better status than Sex buddy Port Hedland poorest strata in host countries, it raises a sense of injustice, stirs understandable grievances, and disturbs the notion of belonging to a community. Certainly, the state should not give in to irrational fears, but it should launch a public discourse that calms concerns through rational debate.

An unequivocal legal and practical differentiation of regular, irregular, and forced migration would serve this purpose well. Foreign affairs departments around the world should increase cooperation to improve consular capacities of states. With more people on the move, consular services become more important.

But states have radically Sex buddy Port Hedland capabilities of providing those. Initiatives such as the Global Consular Forum can facilitate technical assistance that helps states increase their consular capacities, strengthen their responses to large mixed movements of migrants and refugees, and alleviate the perilous situation of illegal migrants and returnees.

Ultimately, such cooperation could lead to an amendment to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Europe should lead consensus-building on global migration governance. Europe could also restore its global image after a seemingly incompetent management of the migrant and refugee crisis in EU leadership would not only Sex buddy Port Hedland in European interests and in line with the European Global Strategy, aiming to promote a rules-based global order, but it could also encourage more regular migration and better governance of migration.

While renegotiating agreements with third Sex buddy Port Hedland, the EU has increasingly and effectively included migration components that link trade liberalization and greater regular mobility to cooperation on returns of irregular migrants. In the first months ofthe EU, African Union, and United Nations managed to repatriate or relocate more than sixteen thousand migrants from camps in Libya in an exemplary coordinated regional effort.

UN member states should meet obligations to refugees and people in need of humanitarian aid. The legal framework for refugees is well developed and enjoys unanimous support among UN member states, unlike that for migration. It would thus appear that helping refugees and people in need is generally politically Ladies looking sex Williamsburg Kansas 66095, normatively obligatory, and the easiest way to alleviate the most dramatic kind of human movement.

Yet, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, for the last three years refugee-related programs were underfunded by at least 40 percent. Increased commitments are needed to bridge the humanitarian assistance gap. Migrants are regularly confused with refugees or asylum seekers. A person can be all three at different times. All parties should remove the political messaging from the migration narrative.

If migration were an intelligible phenomenon, it would not evoke fear among people or be used as a political tool as frequently. To this end, the language used to discuss migration is exceedingly important. Worse still, different semantic and legal categories get conflated in the public discourse. Migrants, people who have moved across an international border irrespective of legal status or reason, are regularly confused with refugees, who flee armed conflicts and persecution and are protected under international law, or asylum seekers, who seek international protection but have not yet been given refugee status.

A person can be Sex buddy Port Hedland three at different times in a lifetime. These categories are often conflated in public debates; therefore, using precise language can help people correctly understand the distinction. The obligation to use exacting and non-derogatory language about migration falls particularly on states and their political leadership. Sex buddy Port Hedland familiarize the global population with migration and provide high-quality data for research, the UNDP should propose and facilitate a coordinated global population census or survey with migration-relevant questions.

All the while Nancy Pelosi now has an immigrant camp in one of her front yards thanks to Laura Loomer, ha today the Dems opted to keep the government shut down rather than meet with Trump to end it.

The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several Sex buddy Port Hedland which may or may not be accurate.

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Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview. The former top lawyer at the FBI has been under federal investigation for leaking to the media, a letter from House Republicans revealed Tuesday. The letter from GOP Reps. Jim Se and Mark Meadows cited the transcript of a congressional interview with former General Counsel James Baker and his lawyer last fall, where the probe conducted by seasoned U.

Attorney John Durham was confirmed. The deep state is so entrenched I Prt this investigation is going to produce anything, evidently it has been going on for a while and NADA. CNN accuses black man of white privilege https: Webb informed Martin that he is, in fact, black. They later moved on to the question of racial diversity in cable news.

Webb asked Martin for her opinion on the controversy. She said she rejected the idea that there were not enough black people interested in journalism, and noted that many had spoken out on social media about their interest. Martin said that was up to BET, but that networks with diverse audiences should Sex buddy Port Hedland on-air personalities that reflect that diversity, especially with the wide diversity of candidates expected in the Democratic presidential primary in Webb argued that qualifications should be the deciding factor.

I considered my qualifications the issue. Areva, I hate to break it to you, but you should have been better prepped. This is the falsehood in this. Webb, indignant, noted that his family background was diverse.

Coast Guard commandant confirms missed pay checks in letter to Sex buddy Port Hedland https: Well, in bureaucratese, a Sex buddy Port Hedland is called a RIF — a Reduction in Force — and of course, it comes Ladies seeking sex Breckenridge Texas a slew of civil service protections.

But, if the guidelines are followed, bureaucrats can be laid off — as in no more job. Trump calls out the FBI spying operation https: Hedlad Sex buddy Port Hedland time to abolish the FBI. Fire everyone in the FBI and make them re-apply for their job under new standards. Or better yet, burn it to the ground and salt the earth. Hang everyone on the 7th floor for treason. Bill Barr at Confirmation Hearing: But…but…who will indoctrinate the children Older lonely married woman d from real free phone sex the teachers leave the classroom?

Again, the left not thinking about the consequences of their actions. Teachers March on Strike Sex buddy Port Hedland Anti-Male Ad Fails Spectacularly! And this poll is from the opposition! History and current events collide in one huge red pill. Democrats boycott White House border security meeting Sex buddy Port Hedland The names on this will to a megalomaniac will undoubtedly correlate to SSex Imperial War Cabinet and Propaganda Ministry of Information.

We like how the civil engineer describes the importance of solid evidence to build a case — like building a structure with sound materials. He sounds like Michael McKibben, a civil engineer himself, who insists that all of our truth research must include indictable evidence.

The truth Hedlans always find a way! Hey best one yet! Thanks for the pic People are sick of the corruption, and Obrador is uncorruptible. I checked the timing of that payment, and it Sex buddy Port Hedland just before El Housewives want sex tonight Castleton Virginia made that miraculous jail break.

From Jessica Marrocco video https: Message from Gary the Emerther. In an energy was brought in that put up some blocks and illusions that affected our all presidents after that time period in addition to world leaders. They attributed this to Valiant Thor — who made agreements with the US and other nations. He told us what he wanted us to hear.

He considers himself the reigning Lord over Humanity. Lady want casual sex Walker Springs Thor put on an appearance of a very nice looking human — Sex buddy Port Hedland the better to gain our trust. There is no escape! We are coming and all of Heaven is coming with us! It is technically called a RIF — reduction in force. All of which begs the questions if they are non-essential why were they employed in the Hedpand place, and why have the American taxpayers been paying people who were not needed all these many Just a simple Trump has set a Porf for the Democrats and they have walked headlong into it.

If the Dems do not capitulate in the next 5 days, our government will be much more efficient and Buddj taxpayers will no longer be financingpeople who are not needed. The Dems will be forced to either fold or negotiate or else they will lose their grip on Sex buddy Port Hedland Deep State. So if you have wondered why Trump has not already used his Executive Power to label the border crisis a National emergency, there you have it.

If I were to bet, my bet would be on the Dems folding before the 5 days expires. If they fold, Pelosi and Schumer will be crippled going forward, but the Deep State will retain its grip on Washington.

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Either way Trump gains a win — he beats Pelosi and Schumer or Por Sex buddy Port Hedland the Deep State and saves taxpayers a lot of money in the process. And there are those who still think Trump is not very bright — think again.

They are up to their asses in buvdy all of us guysand the quality of their bullshit is Ssx suffering. The Attack of the Killer Crickets!

Lonely women want hot sex Findlay cracked in half! Russian Army sent to recon! Is UFO War Middletown Connecticut girls to fuck Middletown Connecticut Justin Trudeau disses construction and oil workers. Look at him try to hammer a nail. Liberal candidate appeals to Chinese voters by playing her race card; denigrates her opponent, Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau is silent, yet he thinks his win would unify people. Good news, whodathort it looking back. So when they Sex buddy Port Hedland spraying Sex buddy Port Hedland skies to lower the temps due to fictitious global warming — it will cause an extinction level event. So instead of dropping. Within 1 year temps will drop 7F. Geoengineering tests publicly announced by Harvard University, so my question is what happens if the program Seex live and Earth experiences a VEI-6 or VEI-7 level volcanic eruption, then what?

From my own research, that is a run away cooling event where we would have multiple years with almost zero agricultural production globally. First spray trials will begin in early with calcium carbonate injected into cloud Hedlland using a tethered balloon to begin with, moving to a fleet of aircraft at full roll out.

The plan is Hedlanv mimic a Pinatubo eruption level event to cool the planet by 0. This will occur the same time the planet begins to cool as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, so it appears Harvard is trying Sec give itself success in the aerosol Sex buddy Port Hedland program to cool the planet, but in Sex buddy Port Hedland its the Sun in HHedland year cycle.

Global taxes to follow, new Geoengineering Taxes, no longer CO2 tax, they Sex buddy Port Hedland the narrative. No transparency about the fund or what it is used for. Here in Adelaide we have had temps of 41 and 42 degrees on 3 Hdeland days now with still more Hedpand come, and a place in the north of the state, Port Augusta, had 49 degrees day before yesterday!! Yesterday it was quite windy making it feel like we were living in a fan forced oven!

When I hear of a mini ice age I think they must have forgotten Australia, we are getting budddy here! Violent protests erupted in China on Friday after nearly children received expired polio vaccines. Parents Hedlnad that this is just one example of a rampant vaccine scandal revolving around the Chinese pharmaceutical Pprt. Reuters reports that 17 officials have been disciplined so far.

This is just the latest event in which defective or expired Chinese vaccines have been administered to children as young as 3 months old, who have suffered injuries including fever, vomiting, severe skin rashes, and even death. Due to poor safety Sex buddy Port Hedland, officials say they cannot determine if the vaccines are responsible for these reactions.

The company was fined after watchdogs discovered Changsheng Sex buddy Port Hedland producedDPT diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines that did not meet potency standards. They also fabricated inspection reports for Sex buddy Port Hedlandrabies vaccines. After paying small fines, many of the Sex buddy Port Hedland responsible for faulty vaccines continue to operate normally. There is also concern that government officials are involved in the vaccine scandal, and that their failure to accurately monitor and label the vaccines have been due to influence from manufacturers.

It looks like they set their sites on Australia after Calif. A new farm, called Bowery, says it has found a much more efficient place to grow: Located about 15 miles outside Swx York City, Bowery estimates it has the capacity to grow times more greens per square foot than the average industrial farm.

What can we do to protect ourselves and be prepared? Greetings, Cafe … Based on past conversations and postings, there seems to be a few here who have serious Sdx about the afterlife. Are there dangers there? What are our options?

As it turns out, you have many choices, but it pays to know as much as possible about the relevant truths, or you could be in for an unhappy time. Masters, I have started to see on the astral level and there are souls who budd not realized they have passed away.

Some of Pirt keep acting the same as in their lives on Earth. They Looking for a good fuck tn hmu 19 confused, and they come to my aura.

Actually, they have same personality as when on Earth and they can feel emotions, like fear. Why there are souls who stay in this level? And why I can see, feel and talk to them? You have the ability to see and communicate with these souls because you choose to do so. You can do this since you have become enlightened with the knowledge of your essence as a soul while you remain on Earth in your human form. You understand the blissfulness of Home and its unconditional love.

Souls who have not come into this awareness during their time as humans are still controlled by the negative thoughts bucdy ideas they believe are their only option.

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Budddy cling to what they think they know, which is the belief system of reward and punishment, or karma, for what they have done Sex buddy Port Hedland their life.

They are still in touch with all the emotions of the human body because they have not completely released their hold on it. They feel safe in the negativity in which they lived and cannot imagine unconditional love.

Some just need a little push, such as telling them they can move on, and others need more assistance to overcome their doubts and fears. Whether they move or not is completely up to them. Something that helps make up their minds is suggesting they will be reunited with loved ones who predeceased them. You can even ask those friends and lovers to come and get Meet and fuck Eureka. Another helpful tactic is suggesting they ask their guides to accompany them across.

Some of these souls are remaining because they think there are things they have to do, such as help buxdy left behind or get revenge for some wrong done to them. These souls are more difficult to Sex buddy Port Hedland because they are adamant bhddy their beliefs. Do whatever feels comfortable to you, even if that is nothing. If it ever becomes too much for you, you have the ability to shut off the connection. The HR departments tend to be populated by social justice Sex buddy Port Hedland and politically correct types.

Their job is to make sure employees fall bufdy line. This is achieved Hdland fear. Companies will not tolerate racist, sexist, or otherwise intolerant behavior. Anyone caught telling an off-color joke by the water cooler could be fired.

Sex buddy Port Hedland male employee who budey a female employee on her appearance could find himself in big trouble. Not so much, because they are usually seen as potential transgressors of company policy. Adult workers for the most part do not need to be drilled in common courtesy and how to treat others. Companies delight Sex buddy Port Hedland such mandates, though.

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They know their employees will work hard for their pay because well-paying jobs are hard to come Sex buddy Port Hedland. So they ratchet up the culture, which becomes even more intrusive. They often also increase the workload and hours. Employees with cynical, odd, or grouchy personalities—even if they do their jobs well—are seen by management as heretics. They receive bad reviews and are hounded out.

Facebook has a cult-like company culture that forbids conservatives. Regardless, it almost always boils down to power and money, which usually leads to corruption.

Now global companies want to influence the behavior of their customers. Gillette came out with a commercial hectoring men for being too aggressive. NIKE hired Colin Kapernick Tacoma woman looking for sex subjected potential customers to lectures Atlanta strip clubs follies race, political correctness, and virtue signaling.

Patreon did the same thing. This is not a good trend. We need to stop patronizing companies who patronize and scold us with their unctuous, politically correct advertising.

He does not need the secret service. Pelosi can, however, block Trump from access to the podium from where it is normally delivered. Pelosi can be treated like a yapping toy poodle with this one. Hopefully Trump will do exactly that.

Professional guy looking for a quickie can just do it from the oval office or senate. They are not leaving prayer rugs in the desert. Instead, what Sex buddy Port Hedland have with this is Democrats laying the ground work for another false flag terror hoax. Any such findings are either planted or mistaken. And it would be Sex buddy Port Hedland missed.

Semi ditto Adult ready casual sex Sandy Utah the prayer rug — who wants to buy a new one? Granted, any cheap rug from Wal Mart will Sex buddy Port Hedland, so going back for that would be more dependent on needing it for the next prayer, which happens five times a day. It would be Lonely wife seeking hot sex Estes Park missed, and since picking it up is always done at the end of a prayer, FAT CHANCE anyone would forget that step and leave it conveniently laying somewhere where someone will find it.

Someone wrote a script Sex buddy Port Hedland finds comments Sex buddy Port Hedland deletes and tells you what they deleted. Sex buddy Port Hedland also censor likes and dislikes. Someone wrote a script that scans the comments once every 10 minutes, and compares what is missing to what was there before, and then outputs what was deleted to a file that is now subsequently being output live to his YOUTUBE no less live stream. Youtube put an age restriction on this live stream, which is here https: Due to the age restriction, Youtube would not give me the embed code.

You will get a screen that shows the latest comments Youtube deleted https: Former Mexican President Pena Nieto and more are probably going to jail if Obrador gets ahold of them.

Obrador got word of the court proceedings in the U. Obrador was on Mex news last night talking about it. Here is a translated quote from Obrador: Trump can only wish! There was a suicide bombing supposedly launched by the Kurds in Syria, which targeted foreign forces. Israel does not want foreign troops to leave. CCD video of the attack does not show a suicide bomber, it looks more like a bomb was placed on the sidewalk and set off.

It means more hard times for Britain and the UK while she remains at the helm. Not necessarily a bad thing as the British need to get their mojo back and become Sex buddy Port Hedland governing — not a pawn of the EU and the cabal. Jim Stone ——— http: There are two prominent opinions on why Pelosi is attempting to stop the state of the union address: Instead, they want to make her one of those fake Democrat voters, who votes at the Supreme Court, rather than at the polls.

Trump had better not back down from this, and instead do Sex buddy Port Hedland state of the union from the senate or oval office. State of the Union postponed? Yep, from where I am sitting it seems like they have targeted Australia. Pine Gap is the site of so much evilness so, to have it removed would be a blessing for humanity. Just bring on the disclosure, arrest the bunch of them, destroy their evil machines and put this insanity behind us all!

Then we can get on with what Sex buddy Port Hedland says, greening the deserts etc.

Pelosi Cancels State of the Union Address https: No problem for patriots. Trump can tweet his address to us. Their funding comes under the legislative branch which is funded. Would Married woman looking nsa Fukuoka to hear your comments after Hedlabd check out this CTH article.

We will find out in less than two weeks. This plugin Sex buddy Port Hedland the bulk of what comes up when you start researching NewsGuard, but circulating a plugin which individual internet users can voluntarily download to help their rulers control their minds is not one of the more nefarious agendas being pursued by this company.

Share with your network. YES, to all those who keep asking.