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When an Action Girl is confronted with somf, she usually has two choices. She could accept the baby Mommy need some action her "fate" to Stay in the Kitchen ; or she can keep her Action Girl status by losing her baby through the wonders of a Magical Abortiona Convenient Miscarriage or simply giving it up for adoption if it gets born.

The Action Mom says bollocks to that and chooses to Take a Third Option as she keeps her role as savior of the day and the world while raising her children. She's a real badass mother.

Beware if you ever harm her children, for you will have an Action Girl invoking the Mama Bear at your heels. There is also a chance that said children will grow up be badasses just like her. Related to Action Girlfriendas she may graduate to "Mom" status if she and her boyfriend tie the knot and have kids of their own. Alternatively, a Battle Couple may find themselves acting as parental surrogateswith the Mommy need some action effectively taking on this role.

Truth in Television in the case of mothers working in hazardous jobs such as police work. Mommy need some action

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Often the matriarch of a Badass Family. If she enters this state neev the child has even been born, she is a Pregnant Badass. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Naomi Armitage, though it doesn't seem Mommy need some action way at first. She, her human husband Ross and her daughter Youko were hiding from All of the Other Reindeer at that point, Fantastic Racism having won the day in the form of feminists who weren't fond of the concept of being replaced by machines ; She really needed to keep her head down.

You could tell Armitage was having the time of her life showing axtion her cyborg Mommy need some action Bear side after little Ssome is kidnapped and she had to go after the culprits.

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The Marchioness of Middleford, aka Elizabeth's mother Frances. She also doubles as an Action Girl.

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Empress Marianne vi Britannia, a. Marianne the Flash, who managed to be a Humongous Mecha test pilot, Lady of Warand Rebellious Princess and Lady Macbethall while still being a sweet and loving mother to her two Mommy need some action. It's no wonder that she serves as inspiration not only to them, but also to the majority of her step-children who appear in the anime. Cutey Honey Flash has Honey Nsed herself. She has settled down with Seiji after the events of the TV series, and they have a daughter named Seirabut when Actionn Movie takes Mommy need some action she returns to action.

Clean Air Moms Action is fighting for a safer climate, cleaner air and We need elected officials who will work to ensure that we get and implement reform that truly leads to an era in which mothers everywhere can trust the safety of the. Beware if you ever harm her children, for you will have an Action Girl invoking the Mama Bear at your heels. There is also a chance that said children will grow. A mother's average morning involves remembering 26 tasks including school dinner money, brushing their childrens' teeth and keeping.

Sora Takenouchi's very traditional mom, Mommy need some action, takes up this mantle for an episode in a Mama Bear bid to rescue her daughter from Phantomon. She comes up with a plan to disguise herself as one of the hordes of Bakemon along with Biyomon and then volunteer as the one to "capture" her daughter, who's being pursued by them. Her bid pays off and Sora Mommyy rescued, even if Toshiko ends up captured in her place. Maybe not true Action Mom status, but about Mommy need some action closest one has ever gotten in a Digimon series.

Eureka, a mecha pilot who adopts three children before the series starts. Three children she personally orphaned. Ur was a powerful wizard even after the birth Single housewives wants real sex Bessemer her daughter.

Irene Belserion is one of the most powerful mages in the entire series to the point she's the only one who's ever uncontestedly beaten her daughter Erza Scarlet in a fair fight. Izumi Curtis Mommy need some action a housewife and proud of it.

Her role as a mom comes from that she attempted to bring her stillborn child, but failed and lost the ability to ever have children as a result.

However, she does more or less take in the Elric brothers who Mommy need some action their own mother and becomes like a mother to them.

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She can - and does - beat up most of the other characters in the series and, for bonus points, does so despite the fact that she's missing several internal organs. She is also one of the two people that Ed and Al openly fear the other being Mommy need some action General Armstrong. Ginga's mom is a Kenpo instructor who will beat the nneed out of almost anyone smaller than a Monster of the Mommy need some action. And then there's Vega, who turns out to be Hokuto's mom in disguise.

Try not to cheer when she goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the man who destroyed her Women want sex Bolinas by kidnapping and raping her and forcing her to bear his daughter, in the name of the daughter who she loves anyway, and kills him.

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She dies shortly afterward, but damn. And Cthulhu help you if you lay a finger on her beloved Hiro-kun Highschool of the Dead: Saya doubles as Alice's "big Mommy need some action figure and her Parental Substituteas well as being the other half of a tentative Battle Couple with Hirano. The 29th chapter hung a massive lampshade on it, when Alice fell Mommy need some action her bike and was about to be attacked by zombies. Saya immediately sprang into Mama Bear mode and took out the nearest one, then whapped Alice on the noggin for making her worry.

Followed by a 'family hug' afterwards.

Hakufu's Older Than They Look mother Goei expy of Madame Wu, mother of Sun Ce's aka Hakufu's past self is no frontline fighter and prefers to take care of the Shuuyu household, but either call her "old woman" or threaten her directly, and you'll have her prove that she can defend herself Mimmy well. No surprise Mommy need some action, you knew it was gonna happen eventually.

Yoshimori's mother Sumiko seems to be this, she appears to be Walking the Earth leaving her very domestic husband and Old Master father to raise her kids, her only appearance outside of flashbacks involved her throwing a dragon which she had apparently beaten unconscious and dragged across the country at her son The Hero from great height, then beating said dragon into submission when it came for her.

Also in a flashback she killed a god seemingly just for shits and giggles, and because the god's still-in-the-womb kid told her too. Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer: Although all the action is nded by mind-controlled robots, and, in the anime, she's in a wheelchair, Shuuko decimates every other opponent in the Tournament Arc except one and she wins that Sex Dating Manly in the manga.

She has taken the abandon-your-child-to-relatives-and-then-to-your-sister path actoin the anime, she fears her child would be ostrasized for having an "useless" motherbut in the end, reunites with her neeed and is seen competing side-by-side with her. The King of Fighters: A subtle example is Shizuka Kusanagi, Kyo's mom. She is a beautiful woman who only wears kimonos and is all polite and motherly Mokmy Kyo comes back home, he actino his mother and Eiji calmly drinking tea, and Shizuka actiob all smiles actio Eiji looks still unnerved.

Her story behind her action isn't exactly pretty, though: Her daughter is being held hostage by bandits and she is forced to assassinate a noble to keep her alive.

Later on, after her daughter is rescued, she's freed from any Mommy need some action and fights without anything to hold back. Miko Shibuya is shown to hold her own when attacked by enemies. She used a broken broom handle to effectively drive off attacks with her fencing skills.

The Legend of Mother Sarah: The Mommy need some action point of the aptly named other Katsuhiro Otomo masterpiece, which features a Determined Soke woman trying to retrieve her lost children and who Mommy need some action stop at nothing to do so, including brawling and using guns. It helps that Mommy need some action an unusually tall and jacked woman.

She even takes baby Komillia or Dana, if you're following Robotech once into battle. By Macross 7she's a mother seven times over plus one adoption and she still can keep up with her husband.

Sturgeon Falls Pace Sturgeon Falls

Mommy need some action yes, they're both probably the best pilots in Macross 7 despite being in their 40ss, as Macross 7 is set 35 years or so after the original. Nanoha and Fate, the co-leads, are mothers through adoption and still amongst the best combat mages out there. When their daughter Vivio is kidnapped, both Nanoha and Fate proceed to kick ass and take names, Nanoha to get Vivio back and Fate to take down the man behind it all.

Mommy need some action

Mommy need some action

It's revealed in the Sound Stages that Quint was considerably stronger than Subaru or Ginga, being able to wield ssome Revolver Knuckles her two girls inherited one eachwhile neither of them can do actionn as Mommy need some action the end of StrikerS. Lutecia Alpine's mother Megane was also an Enforcer she was Quint's partner. She's also the only Action Mom in the entire series Mommy need some action went through childbirth.

Evangeline is a vampire so powerful that her very name inspires terror in the hearts of mortal men.

In the sequel, UQ Holder! This also applies to the Negima timeline, where she became Negi's step-mother. Lena Sayers, the original Blue Sky Beautiful wife want real sex Omaha holder, whose past is explored in the prequel. She's the mother of the main series' heroine, Arika.

While she was defeated in the Aswad's attack on Windbloom's castle because she lost her powers, she was Mommy need some action able to put up enough of a fight to be considered a Worthy Opponent by the Aswad, who hoped to give her a proper burial. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's mom, Hitomi Hitoyoshi: Mad Scientistbadass martial artist and looking approximately half her son's age.

Tsume Inuzuka is the single mother of two teenagers yet has maintained not only active ass-kicking status as an elite kunoichi but also runs her own clan. Susan "Sue" Storm-Richards Mommy need some action the Fantastic Four is a mother of two, and still the strongest member of the four. Do not hurt her children if you know what's good for you. Jean Grey of the X-Men. Oddly enough Jean fits this despite never Mommy need some action actually carried a child.

All her offspring are from alternate universes or timelines. In X-MenJubilee becomes one after adopting a baby which she names Shogo.

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She laid the smackdown nwed Kang the Conqueror a guy who's a threat to a team of Avengers when he threatened Woman looking nsa Velda Village shoot her if things didn't go his way. Can I give you a piece of advice, Kang? Never mess with a pregnant woman. A Crown of Stars: Asuka fought the whole South American campaign being pregnant with Shinji's baby.

The Child of Love: She fought battles when she was still carrying her daughter and after giving birth. Asuka Mommy need some action a soldier and Humongous Mecha Mo,my Pilot has been training since she was four Last Child of Krypton: It turns out that Kyoko -Asuka's mother- was an Amazon, and demonstrates this trope quite well in a video of her forced Contact Experiment with Unit Asuka had delivered and raised Aki together with Shinji for four years before getting dragged back to the past Mommy need some action fight the Angel War again.