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Married wife looking sex Morrow

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Also would consider a VERY PboobsABLE TS.

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He has one of the nicest asses I have ever seen.

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Not all guys se good in boxer briefs, but when you have a muscular ass and legs like Josh does, a guy looks good in them. It was a morning after scene about two months ago, with his wife, played by Married wife looking sex Morrow Stafford, who is ten years older than Joshua Morrow and looks every day of it in HD.

He better keep that ass in shape because if he has to put on clothes and start acting he is in trouble.

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R7 there was a scene late in when he was walking around in the morning in black boxer briefs, but this is another scene where he is doing the Mafried so Married wife looking sex Morrow are not the Mlrrow.

By the way, the actor playing Victor Newman, Jr. His muscular ass looks great outlined in black boxer briefs. He's also got balls to wear something so revealing. Michelle Stafford must love doing love scenes with Joshua.

She patted his ass while walking by him on today's show, an obviously unscripted direction. The character Victor Newman, Jr. In a previous scene with Michelle Stafford when he was in black boxer briefs, he had a bulge in his underwear.

So he's a caveman in black boxers. No ass, ugly as sin. How about that gay sex scene between Michael and Kevin? Joshua is such a stud. As he said, "There are going to be a lot of penises in our Maried.

He's in his early 30s and he sounds like a year-old boy.

He looks like an ape and he stomps around the set like a damn caveman. He's getting too much screen time, dragging down everyone he shares his scenes with. That show's gone to hell since Bill Bell died.

R32, isn't it great how Nick is supposed to be such a savvy businessman? I mean, on what planet??? I just don't buy that an intelligent, wily character like "Phyllis" would be remotely interested in such a douche.

Wants Couples Married wife looking sex Morrow

With his slimy hair, scruffy beard, untucked shirt, and jeans he looks more like a backward drop-out than a savvy businessman. He uses the slang of a teenager, and he Married wife looking sex Morrow says "dude.

He sounds like a year-old reading dialogue written for an adult. That's what makes his scenes Married wife looking sex Morrow Bergman and all the other veterans sound ridiculous. I agree with you R DIdn't he used to model for some gay magazine back in the early 90's? And what father calls their son "Dude" all the time like that? Be a Columbus sex Columbus, not a friend, Martied

I remember him modeling t-shirts with gay sayings for some catalog in the early '90s. And yeah, "Nicholas" acts more like "Noah's" playmate than his father. I a parent of 2 children, and I don't know any Married wife looking sex Morrow fathers at the school to call their sons "dude. I've always had a thing for him, but since I haven't seen much mention of him here, guessing he's straight.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

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I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll Married wife looking sex Morrow have Mordow find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

When was this scene? It must have been recently. Copy and paste, R1. Oooh, the Marridd of the taboo I thought it was within the last 2 weeks, but perhaps I am wrong. Why are they calling him Adam, R11?

Most women want to fuck him.

How do you know it was unscripted, R15? R13, if I had his ass, I'd walk around in bikini briefs. What do you think is best about his ass, R19? Joshua actually has quite the ass, R He has a flat ass.

Married wife looking sex Morrow

How is it flat, R24? Played by a sensation ass.

Mxrried He hasn't done any scenes in his underwear lately. He's been looking pretty Msrried of late. He needs a haircut badly. Too many guys today think they can get away with being unshaven and having long hair. This is yet another soaps thread!!! Should read "I'm a parent One would assume so, R41 since he's married with 3 children.

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