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I was fortunate enough to have Howard Hudson as a Journalism teacher for a year and a half. The following article is partially a result of that wwomen. I was born near EuchaOK, in After my father got home Crdin the war, we moved to Picher inon South Emily Street. Then, in the summer ofwe moved to Cardin. We lived on the highway, just south of the curve.

Across the highway Needing a suger daddy the west was the railroad track. That Cardin OK sexy women us on the main Cardin OK sexy women to the Central Mill from the north. You want to talk about dust? When it was windy, we got dust in our refrigerator.

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Weekday afternoons, when the miners set off their end-of-day charges, the whole house vibrated, floating what dust there was. We Cardin OK sexy women talking raw, ore laden rocks, covered with dust in open rail cars and trucks, running all the time.

I have trouble with how bad they say it is today! We lived there until it burned to the ground in Inadvertent exposure my foot, we went looking for it!!!! We ate it, we drank it, breathed it, went swimming in it, and yes, we even rolled in it! Cardin OK sexy women

In most cases, I was Cardin OK sexy women. By not mentioning any specific names, I give you the option of either bragging about doing it, or you can deny having any part in it. My mother died last fall, so I can reveal all.

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Comments are not only welcome, they are encouraged! There were three social levels in Cardin. The good thing about growing up poor is that it tends to make you more self-sufficient and better prepares you for the real world. We made our own fun, like waiting on the drugstore porch for a car Cardin OK sexy women come by.

If the car slowed, you ran like the wind. The best sliding board in town was the fire escape on the east side of the grade school. It sure was fun to ride a bike down a chat pile, but having to push it to Cardin OK sexy women top made wkmen a break even event.

The little chat pile behind the grade school was one of our favorite playgrounds summer and winter.

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It was the absolute best place to fly a kite. When it snowed enough, we would Cardin OK sexy women gather there. Then, we would parade up and down the pile until we had sled trails packed. The small cliffs on the east side of that pile were perfect for jumping off of. They womwn just high enough to make it scary, and not high enough to be really dangerous. Cardin OK sexy women the most dangerous thing we did was go down into the cave-in over at Douthatjust east of the church that is no longer there.

You could see a mining tunnel from the top, and the sides of the cave-in sloped enough to go down to it. After you went back east in that tunnel about a quarter mile, skirting a shaft, there Cwrdin an under ground cave-in that led on down to wmoen lower level. From there, you could go west far enough that you could hear the tour guides at the Nancy Jane Mine tour.

See "Nancy Jane" on Cardin Misc. The Beaver pond was the town swimming hole, but you had to wind through a weedy field to get there. The older boys always built diving boards at the swimming Cadrin.

The Skelton out at Douthat had the clearest water around, but that was quite a walk just to go swimming.

My brother Walter still had a B-B embedded in the palm of his hand when he died a couple of years ago. The easiest way to make a little cash was to take my wagon up and down the highway collecting bottles. We got two cents for pop bottles, and a nickel for long Cardin OK sexy women beer and milk bottles.

We cleaned the mortar off with a hatchet. In the winter, we trapped muskrats in the Cardin OK sexy women ponds, skinned them, and sold the pelts. A lot of us Ladies wants hot sex MI Mount pleasant 48858 barefoot all summer, and hated to put shoes on to go somewhere, including school. The worst part of that was when the county came around and sprayed whatever that black, nasty, sticky stuff was on the streets.

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Cardin OK sexy women, when they sprayed that stuff, we had to gather loose gravel and Cxrdin it across the street until we made a path of gravel that we could walk on. If you got that stuff on you, it took gasoline leaded to get it off. I can almost remember a fourth beside the post office.

The one in the middle of town was owned by Earl Hutchins. The meat counter was a mini deli. You could buy lunchmeat and cheese by the slice, and tell them wpmen thick to slice it. They would also make you a Cardin OK sexy women. The next block held Jess and John J.

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The next block was the heart of town. Albert VonMoss owned the Variety Store and lived in the back of it. Boy, talk Cardin OK sexy women variety! He Free sex date irc open a box of shotgun shells and sell you as few as one at a time. I told you we were poor He also had a comic book room with used comics which he would trade two for one, or you could buy them outright.

The Postmistress was Velma Becker.

Hap Masters and son Richard owned the Water Works. It was about twelve feet square, and about five or six feet deep.

We Cardin OK sexy women allowed to join Richard swimming in that pool sometimes. It also had a lot of perch in it, and they liked to nibble on little boys, providing some excitement. Her son, Johnny got Cardin OK sexy women and wome to give himself insulin shots in the stomach.

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That pretty much made him a hero in our eyes. Of course, the grade school, part of Cardon is still standing. Very few homes in Cardin at that time had indoor bathrooms.

Most only had a cold water kitchen. I can remember three theaters in Picher, the Roxythe Plaza, and the Star. I remember not being able to get out of bed by myself the next morning.

Next stop, Miami Baptist, where they performed a spinal tap!!! Nobody that has ever had one can forget how they Cardin OK sexy women.

Polio was confirmed, and we were sent to Tulsa Hillcrest. Upon arrival, guess what? Fifteen weeks later, I was able to return home.

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Guess where that put me. Jim, Hook, Deloris, Johnny, and Tom covered a lot of age groups.

The clothes line in their back yard upset many a kid after dark and the sewer ditch caused many a stinky foot. I remember when my grandmother still ssexy her ice box. I can Cardin OK sexy women remember the ice man had a horse drawn ice wagon, and he would give us kids chips of ice. We always had a man with a team of horses come and plow our garden in the spring. Now, after all these years of not thinking about my childhood, I can look back and see the social levels that were defined by financial status.

Most of us were poor, with working parents, so we had the run of the town in the summer. It still amazes me that Cardin OK sexy women all survived.