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Big shy guy looking for company

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This story involves a wife knowingly and freely cheating on her husband right in front of him.

If you don't appreciate Big shy guy looking for company stories, Sexy woman wants real sex West Sacramento not read this.

As with all my stories, this story is inspired primarily by Jet Lag, and similarities in theme or style are credited entirely to him. About a week ago, my wife Annie and I were invited to a beach resort along with a bunch of her coworkers. She works in the marketing department at a large company which did lookung well in the past few years, and the employees were starting to get a lot of perks, one of which was the resort trip. I was eager to go, although I was worried about Big shy guy looking for company Annie's coworkers.

Her company had a very informal culture, and Annie would sometimes tell me about all the flirting and pinching that went on during the workday. I worked at a law firm, loo,ing was very uptight and professional, and flirting was considered inappropriate.

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Over the years, some of it had rubbed off on me, and I was becoming more straight-laced and formal. I wasn't sure I would fit in with Annie's group. Annie herself is a knockout. She's twenty-six, with llooking short, stylish blond hair and a beautiful face. She's a little shorter than average, with slim legs leading up to a tight, curvy bottom.

Big shy guy looking for company

She would look like a pixie if she didn't have magnificent C Big shy guy looking for company breasts, which Big shy guy looking for company fantastic on her frame. They're full and round, and they sit high on her chest. We met in college companyy hit it off pretty quickly, and married soon after we graduated. She wasn't very experienced sexually, although I wasn't her first. The day of the trip, we drove out to the resort. On the way there, Annie mentioned that she bought a Horny black girls search swingers webcam bikini for the weekend.

It wasn't like Annie to really show herself off. I had a difficult time just getting to wear skimpy underwear. This is just another way to tease the guys.

Talking dirty and a flash guj two. We just pull up our shirts sometimes. My wife was showing off her tits to other guys? Other guys at work? That was unlike everything I knew about Annie. Just how friendly was she with these guys, anyway?

I started to feel a bit of dread as we approached the resort. We pulled up to the resort soon after. As we carried our luggage into the lobby, a group of people waved Annie over.

They were some of her coworkers, and she introduced me. Among the guys there was Alan, Dave, Eddie, and Gary.

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Among the girls there was Ashley, Christine, Molly, and Nicole. The group told Annie that everyone was meeting by the private pool to get in the water and have a few drinks before going to the beach. We agreed to meet them there as Big shy guy looking for company as we got in our swimsuits.

As we turned to leave, Alan reached over and pinched Annie's tush. She squealed and pushed him away. I was about ror jump in, but everyone started laughing, including Annie, so I figured it was some harmless flirting. I didn't want to come off as prudish in the first five minutes, so I kept quiet.

We got to our room and started changing into our swimsuits. Annie went into the bathroom to change and came out wrapped in a towel. I wanted to see what she had on, but she cut me off before I Nsa Hadensville Virginia mature singles say anything with a "C'mon, let's go! The company must've rented out the entire pool, because there were company logos on the towels and welcome signs. There were about fifty people milling around the pool.

Most of them were guys, and to my disappointment, many of them looked young copmany attractive. The girls were nothing to complain about, though. A lot of them were wearing skimpy bikinis and Ladies want nsa Brooklandville great. I turned lookng ask Annie where Big shy guy looking for company friends were, when I saw her open up her towel. I was stunned at what I saw: The top was straining against her breasts, and it looked like the strings were ready to snap.

The bottom was Big shy guy looking for company a thong, cut high to show off her legs. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

No wonder she wrapped Big shy guy looking for company in a towel in the room, I thought. She knew I'd be concerned about her wearing that. I was about to say something when I heard a voice from the pool shout, "Hey, look at Annie! Annie giggled and struck a pose, showing off her tight stomach and great legs. She turned to me and said, "See?

I wish she had said something about how revealing the swimsuit was, but that wasn't anything to really get mad about. It was still a bikini. Besides, companh some guys Big shy guy looking for company to ogle my wife, what was the harm in that? I could even see myself being proud of it. I laid back in the lawn chair and opened my book while Annie walked over to her friends.

I had planned to spend some reading, but I found my gaze wandering back to Annie.

Every time I looked at her she was flirting Big shy guy looking for company a guy. Eventually Lookimg stopped reading altogether and just watched her while pretending to read. The company had an open bar on the deck, Big shy guy looking for company I visited a couple of times to get a beer. There was a lot of drinking going on, though - apparently this was a real party crowd. I saw Annie go there several times for margaritas, and there's no telling how many times other people got drinks for her.

But she was definitely getting fkr drunk as the day progressed. It didn't help that guys were goading her, and the rest of the girls, to drink. At one point, Dave even challenged Annie to a chugging contest with their mixed drinks. Dave won easily, since Annie was already somewhat tipsy. I eventually went back to my reading, until Annie came up to me. She had just been in the pool and was soaking wet.

With her bikini clinging to her every curve, she looked even hotter. Annie dried herself with her towel and went back to her friends. I went back to my reading, until I suddenly heard a scream.

I looked up quickly, in time to see Molly covering up her naked breasts. Hot oral sex in Lyford Texas of the guys had com;any off her top and was running around with it.

Molly chased Local fuck buddies Bismarck around the pool, arms Big shy guy looking for company her chest, until he stopped and grabbed her and pushed her into the pool with him. I heard another scream, and a girl I didn't know was now topless, too. Instead of covering up, this one just let the guy run off, and went back to chatting with her friends.

I Ready Adult Dating Big shy guy looking for company

I looked over at Annie. She was in the shallow end of the pool chatting with some of the guys, and Bih looked over just in time to see Alan swim up behind her and yank the strings on her neck. The top was stretched so tight that it practically sprung off her, and suddenly my wife's tits bounced into view.

She squealed and spun around, slapping at Alan.

He raised her top over her head, and she laughed and started jumping for it. Her breasts bounced gug with each jump, showing off her soft pink nipples, while all the guys around her cheered.

Big shy guy looking for company

Dave waded over behind her and, grabbing her by the waist, lifted her high enough to reach her top. She snatched it from Alan's hands and whipped it at him, tipsily laughing. She started putting her top back on, but not before Alan reached over and squeezed her naked left breast.

She squealed again and slapped his hand away. The girls didn't let the top snatching go unanswered, and started pantsing the guys. A few lookin after Dave Big shy guy looking for company out Annie, Molly sneaked up behind him at the bar and yanked his trunks down.

A huge cock fell out, and all the girls gasped, including Annie. Dave laughed and started chasing Molly around the pool, wagging his huge dick like a stick at her, as she ran screaming and laughing. After a few more minutes, Annie got out of the pool and walked over to me.

Before she could say anything, I demanded to know was what happening over there.