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Anyone want to have a few drinks tonight Look Sex

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Anyone want to have a few drinks tonight

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As we all know, different types of alcohol make us feel some typa way. We compiled a few scenarios you frequently find yourself in and what you should drink.

A fat glass of cab or chianti Stilfs sask swingers get the feels going and probably some tears too if you end up finishing a bottle yourself. AAnyone

This drink is dangerous, people. Basically all you gotta do is squeeze a bunch of lemons and then add equal parts vodka and water and some ice.

Rarely will you get sleepy after a tequila shot like you would with wine. I have not conducted standardized research on tequila, but I can tell you from personal experience that tequila can mend a broken heart.

Sweeter and lighter than most beers, cider will give you the same drunk feeling. I personally find it easier to keep drinking Angry Orchard all day rather than beer because it literally tastes like apple juice.

Party on with this list of the best hard ciders in the game. Play one of the million Bachelorette drinking games that are trolling all over the web with a nice chilled glass of pinot gris.

Easy to drink and light, this will make the cringe-worthy contestants much easier to handle. This standard low-cal drink is perfect if you nAyone to wake up early the next day because the lack of sugar helps prevent a hangover.

Also on a hot summer tonigh, a cold glass of wine and fruit juice is just what the doctor ordered. Coffee Tea Perfect for when you're Too Sober See All Drinks. Dining Hall Dorm Lyfe Perfect for when you're Broke See All How To.

That email doesn't look right. Photo by Mikaela Kearns. Photo by Caroline Liu.

Photo by Katherine Richter. Photo by Ilana Herzig. Photo by Steven Baboun.

Photo courtesy of edsellittle on flickr. Photo by Grace Goettman.